Ten problems all beauty addicts will understand

1. Having to justify to yourself/boyfriend/friend why you need yet another nude eye shadow palette. And NO, they don't all look the same (ok, maybe they do).

2. Boots 3 for 2 offers. It's basically free makeup right, so it's the perfect time to add to your collection. Even if you already have 25 blushers, 60 nail polishes, 13 mascaras...

3. Getting your nails to the perfect length and then one snaps. It's like the nail gods are laughing at you.

4. Limited edition makeup. It might just be a regular ol' shade in some fancy ass packaging (I'm looking at you MAC) but somehow it makes us want it even more.

5. Products that have pretty designs on them that you can't quite bring yourself to use. So you just sit and stare at them while the guilt sets in.

6. Having a spare of all your favourite products. Because running out really isn't an option.

7. Giving all your makeup brushes a wash, feeling smug and then realising you have nothing to apply your foundation with.

8. Having a really good hair day when there's no-one there to see it. So you take a selfie and Instagram the schizz out of it. Thank you God for the internet.

9. When your favourite product runs out and you realise it's been discontinued. ALL the tears.

10.  Painting your nails and then immediately needing to pee. Even if you went just before you did them.

What are some of your top beauty problems?

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