Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer review

While we might all aim to achieve a healthy glow to our skin with the added help of a bit of blusher, if you suffer from redness in your skin it can be tricky to calm it and reduce its appearance.
I'm naturally prone to rosy cheeks so often leave blusher out of my daily routine and use lots of skincare products designed to help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness over time. 

I've been a fan of Dermalogica's Skin Perfect Primer for a few years now so I was excited to see that they have recently added a new primer to their line up, especially when I found out that it was targeted at anti redness.

Dermalogica redness relief primer
Dermalogica redness relief primer close up

The Redness Relief Primer* contains naturally green botanical extracts which help to even out your skin tone and counteract redness in the skin. Like a lot of anti redness products this one is green in colour but once applied to the skin it magically disappears, leaving behind a more even complexion. With a bit of foundation over the top, my usual redness in my cheeks is much less visible.

It feels quite silky against the skin and while it does contain a decent amount of silicone, it hasn't broken my skin out, something which it can be prone to do when using products with high levels of silicone. There's also an SPF20 included within the formula which is a good base to start from, however if you're out and about, I'd always recommend a separate SPF underneath your primer and makeup.

I haven't found the Redness Relief Primer to be *quite* as good as their Skin Perfect Primer in keeping my makeup in place all day which is slightly disappointing - I needed to re-powder oilier zones mid afternoon but in my drier areas the finish stayed perfect pretty much all day.

I'd definitely recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a helping hand with covering their redness without using heavy duty products. I've tried other green toned primers and correctors before and they've always left a tell tale green tinge to my skin but there's no sign of that with this primer. 

The Redness Relief Primer is available now from all Dermalogica stockists and costs £38.40.

Do you like the sound of this new primer from Dermalogica?

*PR sample

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