Dior Nude Tan Tie Dye blusher Pink Sunrise review

I don’t often buy makeup from Dior, but as soon as I saw the limited edition Nude Tan Tie Dye blushers from their new spring/summer collection I knew I had to have one.

The limited edition Tie Dye blushers come in two colour options, with each one made up of four complementary powder shades. I went for the lighter, pinker option of the two (001 Pink Sunrise) and also picked up the darker, coral version (002 Coral Sunset) for blusher obsessed Grace from All That Slap.

Dior Nude Tan Tie die blusher 001 pink sunrise
Dior Nude Tan Tie die blusher 001 pink sunrise
I know this is probably tragic to admit, but I’m still not sure I can bring myself to fully use this product – the design of it is so beautiful that I kind of want to keep it as a collector’s item but I know I should give myself a stern talking too and sort myself out.

I gave the display one a decent swatching (after all, that one doesn’t matter if the pattern gets disturbed *ahem*) and can confirm that pigmentation is very light for 001 Pink Sunrise; this will give you the barest hint of colour across your cheeks – more of a natural looking glow rather than a blusher flush.

At £40 each, these aren’t exactly cheap, but they do come with a cute little brush which actually seems reasonable quality, plus they’re Dior, so they were never going to be a bargain buy. The outside of the compact is almost as pretty as the inside and it’s surprisingly heavy, which adds to the luxury feel.

I have a feeling these are going to be a very quick sell out, so nab one quick if you like what you see. They’re currently a Harrods exclusive, but will be hitting Dior counters across stores in the next week or so. Let me know if you decide to get one (and if you decide to actually use it!). I’ll be staring at mine lovingly while working up the nerve to actually swatch it...

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