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Late last week I popped down to Selfridges to test out Face Gym - an exciting new treatment that promises to give your facial muscles a workout, leaving them more toned, lifted and radiant.

Part of the six week long Beauty Project, Face Gym is the brainchild of Inge Theron - the woman behind Spa Junkie - and who has tested out a serious number of anti ageing treatments over the years. 

We often focus on working out the muscles in our body, but most of us don't pay much attention to those in our faces, relying on anti ageing creams to hold back the ageing process. Face Gym provides an alternative, using a series of massage techniques that work to firm, tone and lift the 50 muscles in our faces. 

I have to be honest, this is a treatment like nothing I've ever tried before and sitting in a chair knowing you're about to be voluntarily pinched, slapped and tweaked is a bit unnerving, but I actually really enjoyed the whole process. 

It starts off with some stretching and the removal of your foundation, and then for then next 20 minutes or so, the therapist works their magic with a series of different massages exercises. Some feel like gentle pinching, others like slapping and then there were some that I honestly had no idea what her fingers were doing but it seemed to do the trick! At the end of the treatment your muscles are given a gentle cool down with a jade roller and the. You're all set to go. 

After my treatment I definitely felt as though my face was a lot tighter and I noticed a definite lifting and de-puffing effect around my eye area. The effects last a good few days, although I think to see a long term impact you'd need to have regular treatments and start to incorporate some facial exercises at home - you wouldn't expect a six-pack after one day of crunches, after all. 

I really enjoyed my treatment - it's not relaxing at all, but it felt good to know my facial muscles were getting a workout and I was really pleased with the results. 

Face Gym is in Selfridges until the end of the Beauty Project in June and a standard treatment cost £35. I really hope it becomes a permanent fixture in the London store; I will definitely be heading back again! You can book a treatment by emailing facegym@spajunkie.com

Do you like the sound of Face Gym? Have you tried anything like this before?

*This treatment was provided to me free of charge, my opinions are honest as always.

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