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Picture the scene. You wake up after a night out feeling slightly delicate and there's nothing you want more than a McDonald's. Except you can't face going to get one. Or how about being stuck in the office when a limited edition MAC collection is launching in Selfridges with no way of getting to the store? Enter Jinn - an app that will send a courier to go and get whatever you want, and bring it to you in one hour.

It sounds almost too good to be true, but I put Jinn to the test last week and was incredibly impressed. My office is smack bang in the middle of central London, but sometimes there are days when I barely have time to leave the office to go and grab some lunch, let alone anything else I might need. I decided the set Jinn a few tasks throughout the day to see if they really managed to live up to their promise.

Jinn app screenshot

Deliveries from Jinn app

First task of the day was a trip to Selfridges. The MAC Alluring Aquatic collection was launching that day and I really wanted one of the lipsticks from the collection, but had no time to get to the store. I also needed a new Konjac Sponge and some chocolates for a gift, so typed in my description to the app, added my address and that was it. About ten minutes later I got a text from my Jinn courier to say that they were on their way to Selfridges, and about 35 minutes after that, got another text to say they were waiting in the reception of my office. They'd managed to get everything I wanted and in less than an hour. Yay! 

Next up was lunch. I had a craving for Pho (the best noodle soup ever), which do takeaway, but don't normally deliver, so placed my order through the app and waited for lunch to arrive. Again, I got updates from my courier about the status of my order, and this one arrived piping hot, and just within the hour time frame. 

My last order of the day was for a pair of shoes. I thought this would be quite a challenge, only sending a text description of what I wanted via the app. About half an hour later, I got a text with the photo of my shoes, making sure these were the ones I wanted. Talk about good service! Ten minutes later, they were waiting for me in reception at my office. 

I was seriously impressed with the service from Jinn and they managed to fulfil all of my random requests without any trouble at all. Jinn will get you pretty much anything you ask for - whether it's a McDonald's breakfast, or a birthday present - and do it for a reasonable fee.

A Jinn delivery costs £5.95 plus 10% of the cost of your order. If you're ordering takeaway food, it might be worth doing a group order to make the most of the delivery charge (get a group of you in the office to order lunch for example), but I think it's pretty cheap for things like birthday gifts, or an outfit emergency - who else do you know will deliver to you in an hour?! 

At the moment Jinn are only operating in central London, but they're looking to expand their delivery areas. If you fancy ordering via Jinn, you'll need to download their app, which can be found in the various app stores. For me this is a fantastic service, and one I know we will be using in the office again. The only thing I'd like to see from them that I don't get at the moment is a place in the app where I can see what I've ordered. Once the order has been placed there's no screen to check what you ordered and this is something I'd like to see added in the future. 

Do you like the sound of Jinn? Is it something you'd consider using?

*Jinn kindly provided me with some free deliveries to review their service.


  1. If only I lived in London! This sounds great!

    Sophs x



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