Nanshy Foundation and Eye Brush Kits Review

Good makeup brushes can make even the cheapest of makeup apply like a dream, and are an important tool in my everyday routine. I was recently introduced to Nanshy brushes, a cruelty free British brand who produce a wide variety of makeup brushes at reasonable prices. 

I was kindly sent two of their brush kits to try out - one for face and one for eyes. Each kit is complete with pretty much every brush you could need in order to apply your makeup, and I was really impressed at how comprehensive each one was.

All of the Nanshy Brushes are created with synthetic fibres, are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and Nanshy are a member of PETA. The bristles themselves are super soft, yet still give enough structure to allow you to apply your makeup easily. 

Nanshy 5 piece foundation brush kit

Nanshy 5 piece foundation brush kit

Nanshy 7 piece eye brush kit

Nanshy 7 piece eye brush kit

The 5 piece Nanshy Foundation kit* contains:
Angled buffer brush - good for contouring, bronzer and blusher
Round top buffer brush - for a flawless foundation finish
Pointed brush - use in specific areas to target greater coverage
Flat top buffer brush - flat shape allows blending and buffing of cream, liquid and powder products
Flat angled buffer brush - applies your base with precision

All work well with both cream, powder and liquid products and each one has multiple uses. I find the Angled Buffer Brush great for contouring, as the shaped head makes defining the cheekbone area really simple. The Pointed Brush is the one to go for if you want to get into smaller areas of the face - around the nose, or under the eyes, for example - as the shaped tip enables you to be really precise.

The 7 piece Nanshy Eye Kit* contains:
Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush - for eyeliner application with pinpoint control
Angled Detailer Brush - a small brush, good for detail and smaller areas
Flat Definer Brush - even and consistent wide or long thin strokes
Blending Eyeshadow Brush - great for blending
Eye Crease Brush - blending around the crease area
Tapered Crease Brush - for a soft, smokey effect
Large Shader Brush - for blending and shading around the eyes

My favourites from the eye kit are the Eye Crease Brush, which is great for adding depth to eyes and using on smokey eye looks and the Blending Eyeshadow brush, which blends shadow together, removing any harsh lines.

The white handles add something a little different to the look of these brushes - I don't have any others that look similar to these, and I think the only thing missing for me is a little case to keep them in, similar to the ones you get with a Real Techniques brush starter kit. 

The Foundation kit costs £34.95 for the five brushes (about £7 per brush), and the 7 piece eye brush kit is £29.95 (about £4 a brush). I think these are fantastic value for that price - I've washed mine several times and have experienced no shedding or loss of shape at all, and they still remain soft and supple.

If you're looking for brushes on a budget, but fancy something a little different from Real Techniques or Crownbrush, I highly recommend giving Nanshy a try. At the moment they can only be bought online, but I'm hoping that soon they will find some more stockists and branch out a bit further. 

Have you heard of Nanshy before? Do you like the look of these brushes?  



  1. Love the look of the Foundation kit. It looks very comparable to some of the famous Sigma brushes :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. that's a really good point - plus it's a bit cheaper than Sigma! x

  2. Love your new design Kat!

  3. I recently got this two kits and I'm loving them! *-*

  4. These look perfect :) fab post xx

  5. I've got about 4 of these brushes but haven't used them too much yet! so soft though! xo



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