A weighty issue

I’m currently having one of those moments with my body. You know, one of those ‘fat’ days. My weight hasn’t changed since yesterday, or in fact from a few weeks ago when I woke up feeling great about myself, so where is the difference coming from?

As women, we’re often conditioned that we should look a certain way. I’m not just talking about the latest hair trends, or a penchant for bright lipstick, but an unachievable body type that we see regurgitated over and over in magazines and online. Yes, I might have issues with that state of my thighs, but even if I existing solely on protein and green vegetables for months, I would still have a bigger bum than I do chest – it’s just the way my body is supposed to be.

I’m all for people celebrating their own bodies – they’re amazing things after all. But I think we need to stop comparing ourselves to other people, and instead focus on our own well-being and promote positive thoughts about ourselves. You wouldn't walk up to your best friend and say ‘god you look like a right state today – do you think wearing that dress makes your bum look smaller? Think again fat ass’; which is exactly the conversation I had with myself this morning.

My relationship with my body has always been a little fragile – I’m not happy with it how it is at the moment and want to make some changes, and yet, when I was two stone lighter and slipped into a pair of size 8 skinny jeans without trying, I still felt fat. That’s the problem – fat for me is more than a physical thing, it’s a state of mind.

Over the next few months, I plan to focus on eating better, doing some exercise and most importantly of all, falling in love with my body. It might never look like Blake Lively unless they invent some sort of stretching machine, but it’s healthy, strong and it does a good job.

I’m making a promise to myself to stop being my own worst enemy and instead of insulting what I see in the mirror, saying something positive instead. It could just be celebrating a good hair day, or the fact I haven’t had a spot for a month; but I’m trying to speak to my own body the way I would speak to a friend’s. No more insults required.


  1. oh I agree I'm a plus sized girl and proud of it, I'm still healthy and generally happy with how I look and feel about myself I was a size 20 but lossed 2 dress sizes and am now a size 16.It takes a lot of work for self confidence whatever the size and shape we are but its worth it. http://maybemayhemmakeup.blogspot.com.au/

  2. What a great post! I go through the same as well, one day thinking I look great and the next thinking I look horrible and fat when actually there is probably no difference. I just try to eat well and exercise regularly, we all have low self-esteem days from time to time!


  3. 'Think again fat ass' ha ha that made me chuckle! I think so many girls struggle with their weight. I am getting married this year and all I can think about is being slim and feeling confident for my big day... like you said, I have been 3 stone lighter than I am now and I still felt fat then - sometimes we will never be happy, it's such a shame that we are made to feel we have to be a certain size to be 'pretty' x

  4. Oh you're so gorgeous though!

    I know just what you mean, I've lost over 10lb now, and I feel fatter than ever.
    I hate my body so much, it's a real, real issue with me.
    I often feel every ounce of fat on my body and just hate myself for eating.

    I COMPLETELY think that it's the media and societies depiction of women, posted everywhere, even mankins, on how 'we should look'

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  5. What a great post! It's a tough one, because half the time if you celebrate your body and are happy with it- some people think you're smug or big headed, you can't win! But it's definitely no bad thing to be nicer to yourself, it's something I'm trying to learn to do, bloody difficult though sometimes?!
    I also think focusing on the scales is such a bad habit. I weigh myself every now & then, but try to focus on how I feel and how I think I look. I find I might feel OK about my body and then beat myself up because the scales don't say what I want them too.
    Brilliant post though and please post again if you have any tips on how to be nicer to yourself! xx


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