Rainy days and May Showers

This month has been somewhat cold and wet so far (until now, yay!), and a horrible cold has kept me indoors a lot more than I've wanted. Usually it's April Showers, but this year they seem to have moved on a few weeks! I've been keeping busy indoors with a few activities that stop those gloomy days from getting too dull and keep me ticking over until the sun pops out again.

Board games:
I get a *tiny* bit competitive over board games, so usually avoid them like the plague, but a game of good old-fashioned Cluedo definitely makes the afternoon go quicker. I've had friends over for a group game, which definitely made it more fun, and unlike Monopoly, doesn't involve any arguments over who gets to buy Park Lane...

DVD marathon:
We've also been enjoying a bit of a marathon True Blood session while having a girly pamper afternoon. Nothing cheers up a rainy afternoon like slapping on a face mask, chomping down on some Maltesers and watching Eric parade around in some sort of semi-naked state. *ahem*

I gave up smoking a long time ago, but for a few friends that still do, we've got umbrellas on standby for when it's time to take a True Blood break and pop out into the garden for some 'fresh air'. I'm hoping at some point I can convince them to quit or take up an e-cig instead so at least they don't have to brave the elements any more!

What are your top tips for beating the rainy days?

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  1. Board Game Competitiveness if rife in our household too! ;)


  2. That's so funny! It's just called "Clue" here in America. And I love it!
    Liz Makes


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