La Roche Posay new anthelios SPF launches

We all aim to buy skincare that's tailored for our skin type in order to get the best results. La Roche Posay have taken this to the next level with their new range of SPFs which are tailored to match different skin types, ensuring you get the best protection from the sun and also look after your skin at the same time.

They've launched three new SPFs that are targeted towards dry, combination and oily skin. Facial SPFs often have a reputation as being pore-clogging and heavy, but by removing the 'one suits all' approach, you can be pretty much guaranteed to find your perfect match.

La Roche Posay anthelios xl ultra light fluid and spf50 tinted compact

la roche posay anthelios tinted spf compact

I've been testing out the Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF 50*, which is aimed at combination skins. My skin can be quite dry in winter, but in summer it gets a little more oily and this super light liquid is perfect to help balance combination skin, while still giving it a high level of sun protection.

This lotion is incredibly lightweight, and once applied, you won't know it's there. I've been wearing mine under my makeup, and noticed no difference in the application or finish of my foundation at all. It's non-sticky and has been formulated to work with even very sensitive skin. I've even managed to convert my Dad who suffers with very sensitive skin to La Roche Posay SPFs and I will be pointing him in the direction of the SPF50 Comfort Cream (for drier skin).

The three new launches cost £16.50 each for 50ml and can be found in Boots stores. There's a third off most La Roche Posay SPFs in Boots at the moment, so stock up while you can!

Also newly launched from La Roche Posay are their Anthelios Tinted SPF compacts*. These look like cream foundations, but instead are tinted SPF50s that not only give you a natural looking colour, they also promise to be waterproof, making them the perfect poolside companion.

These are available in two shades at the moment, and do seem to be a bit on the dark side. If you have pale skin, I'd recommend avoiding these and sticking with one of the standard liquids, but if you have a medium toned complexion, then these will be perfect for you. The compacts will cost £19.50, but are currently on special offer in Boots for £13.

Do you like the look of these new SPFs from La Roche Posay?

*PR samples


  1. I love the look of these, it's a shame the compacts don't come in particularly light colours though. I'll definitely be picking up the SPF for oily skins though.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

    1. Yes, it would be great if there was a lighter compact shade. The regular SPFs are fab though x

  2. These look really good, that tinted compact is calling my name! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  3. I need to decide on what SPF I'm going to invest in this year, there are too many to choose from!


    1. There are lots of good ones :) La roche Posay are probably my favourite though x

  4. I hope I can find these in the US. I really want to get the compact, Thanks for the review!!


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