Illamasqua Skin Base Mixers review

Finding the perfect shade of foundation is somewhat of a challenge, especially when you fall at the lighter end of the shade spectrum. Illamasqua have created the perfect solution to this problem with the launch of their new Skin Base Mixers*.

Skin Base Mixers are pure pigments that allow you to create your perfect foundation shade. They're designed to be mixed with a Skin Base foundation and come in four shades to help get the right tone for you.

Illamasqua skin base foundation and skin base mixers

Illamasqua skin base mixer swatches
L-R Skin Base Foundation 3.5. Skin Base Mixer White, Skin Base Mixer Amber

White* - will lighten foundation and also lift skin tone and add instant brightness

Amber* - reduces redness and balances an uneven olive skin tone

Terracotta - adds warmth and blurs any unwanted dark pigmentation - apply around the eyes, mouth and hairline

Chestnut - adds more depth and can be used to create a chiseled contoured finish

All four shades are highly pigmented - you really only need to use a tiny amount with your foundation to get the desired effect. I've tested out the White shade and Amber with my 3.5 Skin Base foundation and have found they really do make a fantastic impact. You can use them underneath your foundation in key areas that you want to lighten/darken or alternatively add a drop to mix a custom shade - perfect for adapting your foundation for the seasons.

At the moment, Illamasqua are giving away one free skin base mixer with every purchase of a Skin Base Foundation at all of their counters. I'm hoping that in the future these will be for sale separately as I know they will be a massive hit. The tubes do look pretty small, but you honestly need such a tiny amount, that even if you use the sample daily, you should easily have enough to last a few months.

You can claim your free Skin Base Mixer (with purchase) at an Illamasqua counter from: Beak St London, Selfridges London, Illasmaqua Leeds Victoria Quarter, Illamasqua Liverpool Met Quarter, Selfridges Trafford, Manchester Exchange and Birmingham and Debenhams Cardiff, Glasgow, Sheffield and Belfast.

Do you like the sound of the new Skin Base Mixers?

*PR samples


  1. These are such a good idea, I can image that the white one would come in very handy for skin like mine x

    Amy / srslylou

  2. This is a very clever idea! Well done Illamasqua!


  3. LOVE SKINBASE! haha and its such a great idea to provide mixers because not every foundation with be your tone so getting to mix your own is amazing


  4. Unfortunately for me Skin Base wasn't suitable for me - it sunk into every pore and my skin looked like a golf ball :(
    Simone | Thirty Something OAP


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