Urban Veda Ayurvedic skincare

Urban Veda are a new brand whose range of skincare and body care is all based on the principles of Indian Ayurveda.

Ayurveda originated in India around 5000 years ago and is a holistic health and well-being system based on the therapeutic properties of plants, which also promotes the idea of striving to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Urban Veda skincare

There are four different ranges within the brand, each designed to work with the different skin types and Ayurvedic 'doshas', which describe describes the physical and emotional tendencies in our bodies. On their website, they have a short questionnaire that you can take to work out which of the 'doshas' is most dominant for you - I took this and found it to be really interesting, and was definitely accurate in the types of products that would then suit me best.

The ranges: 

Radiance - designed for dry, dull skin, the Radiance range works best for balancing the Vata dosha. It contains turmeric, marigold, patchouli and coriander to help restore lustre to the skin and add a glow to tired complexions.

Soothing - for the Pitta dosha, the Soothing range uses sandalwood, ylang ylang and organic aloe vera to cool and calm the complexion, which can be sensitive or prone to redness.

Purifying - this range helps to balance out the oily skin of a Kapha dosha. It uses the Indian evergreen tree, wild mint and witch hazel to offer glowing, radiant skin, while also working on breakouts and minimising shine.

Reviving - the latest line from Urban Veda, this caters for those who might be a bit of all of the doshas, and helps revive tired and mature skin. The key ingredient here is rose damask, which features through all of the products (and also makes it my favourite smelling out of all of them!).

Each range has a complete set of products for body and face, with prices starting at £7.99 for the cleansers to £14.99 for the day/night creams. I think the range is very well priced, and is something that will feel a little bit of a treat, without damaging your bank balance.

The range is also certified vegetarian, not tested on animals and free from parabens, artificial colours and SLS. Some of the products do contain alcohol, which I would recommend avoiding if you have dry or sensitive skin, however the Soothing range is mostly alcohol free, so better for these skin types.

At the moment you can buy Urban Veda products direct from their website, but I'm hoping they will be branching out into other stores very soon.

Do you like the sound of these products?



  1. You always have lovely skincare ranges that I've never heard of before on this blog, I've found so many new favourites with you. I'll certainly be looking into this brand too, they seem different.

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. I'm so pleased you've found some ranges you like :) x

  2. Sounds like a really interesting brand, quite shocked at how affordable the range is as well! Thanks for a great post :) xx


    1. Yes, I thought it would be a lot more expensive! x

  3. Replies
    1. I think you'll like the Rose scent too, Sandra :) x


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