S5 skincare serum range

S5 are an Ecocert certified organic skincare brand that deliver proven results for problem and ageing skin. Their range is targeted at treated specific skin concerns, covering everything from redness, to wrinkles and define themselves as 'cosmeceuticals'.

They have looked at the stresses that life places on your skin - free radicals, pollution, UV rays, temperature changes and sometimes even the beauty products we use - and created solutions that reprogramme stressed skin, and reverse the visible effects it can have.

S5 serum range

All of the products contain high levels of active ingredients, which are sourced from some of the most extreme ecosystems around the world: alpine, arctic, desert, marine and rainforest. The plants sourced from these regions have adapted to flourish in extreme climates and are equipped to protect against and reverse signs of stress in skin, making them extremely powerful bioactives.

I met with founder Laura Rudoe, who introduced me to their range of serums. Each is designed to work on a specific issue: blemishes, sensitivity, ageing, dryness and pigmentation. They can be used alone, or if like me, you suffer from more than one issue, you can create a personalised regime, mixing and matching several serums together.

Two to three drops of each serum should be plenty and they can be used twice daily, before you apply your moisturiser. Apply your chosen serum using your fingers, with a very gentle rolling motion, pressing the serum into your skin.

The Serums:

Calm: for persistent redness, the Calm serum contains a sea fennel peptide to reduce the appearance of capillaries in the skin and Sea Mayweek which reduces redness and irritation.

Renew: designed for premature ageing, this has been scientifically proved to reduce wrinkles by up to 44%. It uses Antarctic glycoproteins, and 'botox like' hibiscus peptides which reduce help to smooth expression lines.

Illuminate: for age spots or hyper-pigmentation. Illuminate works on improving radiance and skin tone, as well as containing a bio-specific marine enzyme which removes dead skin cells (and only the dead ones, unlike some acids), as well as an environmental shield to help deal with UV radiation.

Purity: this will help reduce the appearance of blemishes and control oil production. It uses a mix of rainforest and alpine bioactives as well as a mild salycilic acid derived from willow bark.

Replenish: Aimed at dry, dehydrated or scarred skin, Replenish contains a host of oils that work to aid cellular renewal, enhance elasticity and be highly nourishing.

I've been using a mixture of Calm, Renew and Illuminate over the past month or so and have fallen in love. The redness my skin can be prone to is much less obvious, fine lines look a little less visible and the usual winter dullness that starts setting in right now hasn't made an appearance yet. I'll be using all three throughout the winter months to help keep my skin balanced and looking healthy, and would highly recommend the range.

Some of the serums do have a bit of a herbal smell which is unusual, although not unpleasant, however this doesn't linger on the skin once applied. All are suitable for sensitive skin and have been created with no nasties.

The range is quite pricey, with 30ml serums ranging between £44 and £52. What's great is that they also offer smaller 10ml sizes so that you can try the product properly before investing in a full size serum.

You can find S5 in the beauty workshop at Selfridges London, or online from their website.

Do you like the sound of these serums?

*PR samples


  1. I LOVE the sound of these serums! These really sound like something worth looking into and I don't think that's pricey at all for something that works well.

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I really want to try illuminate x

    1. it's excellent - although I like them all ;)

  3. I have the Purity one (it came in a beauty box) and really love it. It doesn't stop spots coming but really helps get rid of them quicker xx

    1. I'm so glad they popped up in a beauty box as it's a really great way to try them x

  4. I would love to try the purity one - they sound lovely! I don't mind herbal smells too much either so I may be able to cope xx

  5. I love the sound of these, have never heard of S5, I also love serums but they are always quite pricey and these are no different. Although the really do make such an amazing different. I would love to try the Replenish one sounds exactly what my skin needs.

    Great post! I just followed on bloglovin :)



  6. I've wanted to try these for ages but haven't gotten round to it because of the price tag! I would love to try the Purity one though! x

  7. I love xlash eyelash serum! They made my lashes so much fuller, stronger and longer! Ive purchased it from this website http://www.xlash.net/ as well as used this for about 2-3 weeks now, and the change is unbelievable. I use waterproof mascara each day to hold my curl. Before, i could lose 3-4 lashes when i removed my mascara. Now, i lose like 1 every other day. Sometimes not even that!! I usually apply xlash every night, Would recommend xlash to everyone cause it really works.


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