Spending ban update

It’s been just over a month since I started my pre-christmas spending ban, and I’ve honestly been surprised at how well I’ve done so far.

I have bought a couple of essentials, like cotton wool and deodorant, and also bought the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette and Ciate advent calendar with some vouchers I’d been given a little while back. Other than that, and despite entering Boots, Superdrug and Space NK, I haven’t bought anything else since.

It’s odd, as I’m actually enjoying finishing up products, and slowly making my way through my somewhat large stash! I’ve been lucky enough to be sent a few PR samples of things I had been lusting over, which has definitely helped, but even without these, I don’t feel a massive urge to go shopping.

I’m hoping I can continue until the end of November, and then plan to re-start again in the new year, with the aim of saving up for a DSLR camera. I think having a specific goal in mind will really help, rather than just experimenting with how long I can actually last!

I’ll write another update closer to the end of the month, and fingers crossed there will be no nasty confessions to make!

Are you on a spending ban too? How are you getting on?


  1. You have my admiration, I have never been able to stick to any spending ban!

  2. Well done, sounds like you're doing great! I think you have way more willpower than me. I tell myself I won't spend anything but then I do it by accident without even thinking!

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. It seems like you've done really well! I've got so much to pay for lately that I'll have to get my saving hat on again ;( xx

  4. I can never last on spending bans. I managed a month once, but after that I went on a shopping binge and spent a disgusting amount of money. Well done on being so good :)! xx

    D Is For...

  5. I'm all about the spending bans/ project pans/ makeup purging! I prefer these type of posts to hauls actually! I'm also on a pretty much complete buying ban because I just started graduate school and am now ridiculously poor.

    Just found your blog! Love! I'm a pale girl, so I love your title and am currently on a search for your "pale girl" posts. I have a whole "Pale Girl Problems" series going!


  6. I'm currently on a spending ban too! I'm saving up for the clothes show live in December :) xx


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