Touché by Flavien haircare

A few weeks ago, I was invited along to discover the Touche by Flavien hair care range, and meet the man behind it, celebrity hairdresser Flavien Abbas.

Touche by Flavien is a luxury hair care brand that uses a combination of natural ingredients, with an exotic jasmine fragrance. Key to the range is prickly pear oil, which runs through the product collection, This is a high priced oil that contains double the amount of fatty acids, fibre and protein than argan oil, and a high moisture content, all of which contribute to healthy hair.

Touche by Flavien haircare

Rather than creating hair care based on your hair type, Flavien has instead decided to focus on different scalp types as he believes that healthy hair comes from having a healthy scalp. The range has three types of shampoo: dry scalp, balanced scalp and oily scalp. Each helps to balance your scalp's needs, and won't overload oily scalps with moisture, or dry out dry scalps, but instead provides the right balance of oils for a healthy head of hair.

There are also three conditioners - Moisturising Repair, Volume Up and a leave in conditioner. Again, these work with your scalp type, but also add moisture or volume where needed.

My favorite product from the range is the Intensive Nourishing Treatment*. This is a deep conditioning treatment designed to be used once or twice a week, and leaves hair feeling super soft, glossy and healthy. To use it, you simply apply to damp hair, leave on for around 10-15 minutes and then rinse off. Even though I have quite fine hair and can sometimes find that deep conditioning masks can weigh my hair down, this still left it with plenty of volume, but still felt super nourished.

The range definitely falls into the 'luxury' bracket (and the fact it's stocked at Urban Retreat in Harrods also adds to that fact!) with shampoos retailing for £29 for 250ml, conditioners £33 and the treatment mask £68 for 300ml. If, like me, the thought of shelling out that much for a shampoo without knowing how your hair will respond is a bit scary, they also do 50ml travel size bottles, which range from £12-£17.

I asked Flavien what his top tip for healthy hair was, and he said to stop putting oils on wet hair before blow drying. This damages the hair as the oil heats up on the hair in the same way cooking oil would do in an oven, baking your hair! He advises to only use hair oils after styling, to help smooth the final look and add shine. I'll definitely be trying this out and seeing if it makes a difference to my hair!

You can find the range online from the Touche by Flavien website, in store at Harrods and Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar.

Do you like the sound of this range?

*PR samples


  1. The nourishing treatment sounds lovely and like a real treat, but on the other hand since we wear our hair every day, it's really something that should be prioritised isn't it! :o). Xx


  2. I just came across this brand in a mag the other day. It looks fab! x

  3. I adore this range and the man behind it is a genius and a wonderful talent. I love my products from the Touche range, even if I do use them sparingly!! xx

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