Christmas gift perfume picks

Perfume is one of the most popular gift choices at Christmas and I love to see the gift sets that come out each year. They're often really great value, as you only pay for the perfume, but also get extra treats such as body lotions and shower gels thrown in for the same price. I've selected some of my favourites which I think will be pretty popular this year.

One Direction Our Moment - I'm not a One Direction fan (sorry!), but I think this would make a great gift for anyone that's a fan of the band. The perfume has a sweet, floral scent to it, and they have several types of gift sets, the best value being a 50ml EDP, 150ml body lotion and a postcard of the boys. £28.50

Marc Jacobs Honey and Dot - every year I always ask for a Marc Jacobs perfume set. They're some of my favourite scents and the packaging on the gift sets this year is so cute! Honey is the newest fragrance from Marc Jacobs and has a fruity scent with a honey heart. Dot looks like a little red ladybird, and is more floral, but still has some lovely fruity notes to it. Set retail at around £52.50 each

Thierry Mugler Alien - I think this is one of those scents you either love or hate. His Angel scent is iconic, but my heart lies with Alien. It's an unusual scent, with both woody and floral notes, and a 30ml refillable EDP with 100ml body lotion and mini shower gel costs £49.50.

Calvin Klein Down Town - this is a new scent from Calvin Klein, and it's definitely something a bit different. It has a lovely fresh, yet floral scent to it and it's probably my favourite scent from CK in a while. Grab a gift set with a 50ml EDP and 100ml body lotion for £46.

There's always a difficult person to buy for, and this is where my final choice comes in. The Perfume Shop have launched their VivaBox, which contains 7 perfume samples, and a voucher for one full-sized bottle of perfume. It allows the recipient to try out each of the 7 perfumes enclosed in the box, and then choose a full-size of their favourite. They do one for men and one for women and cost £37.99 each.

Will you be asking for any of these this Christmas?



  1. I love getting a perfume set like this, with a shower gel and body lotion for proper layering of the scent, and since I'm a huge fan of Alien, I'd be a very happy girl for that little box :o). Xx


    1. it's a great idea to layer it and make the fragrance last longer x

  2. The Viva Box looks like such a great idea!

    Alice > Beauty By Alicee xxx

    1. the perfect solution for awkward people to buy for! x

  3. The VivaBox is a perfect gift for a fussy somebody!

  4. lovey post, thanks for sharing this brief information.


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