My de-stressing saviours

Stress. It’s one of those things that everyone feels to varying degrees and can affect us all in different ways. Whether you get cross, go quiet, have a bit of a cry or eat biscuits (that one’s definitely me!), managing stress can be really important. I find it very hard to switch off when I get stressed out, which often leads to a bad night’s sleep, making it even worse.

Over the years, I’ve learnt a few tips that work for me and have been trialling a few products that help me to relax whether I’m at my desk at work, or at home after a long day.

1. Go for a walk – sometimes getting out in the fresh air can help clear your mind and also give you time to burn off a bit of nervous energy!

2. Take some deep breaths – Breath in and out, slowly and deeply for a few minutes. I'm not one for meditation, but there are some excellent meditative breathing exercises that you can do (even at your desk) to help reduce tension and calm the mind. Also, adding a few drops of Frankincense oil to a tissue and inhaling gently can really help - Aromatherapy Associates founder Geraldine swears by this little bottle of essential oil* (£25)!

3. Make a list – sometimes writing down what’s stressing you out can really help. Making to do lists helps me to feel more organised, and less overwhelmed as I can see what tasks I need to complete and can then prioritise them. It also gives me a good excuse to buy a nice notepad as a treat...

4. Have a bath – as someone that’s really a shower person, a bath is a luxury treat for me. I tend to save for for when I feel really stressed and need some ‘me’ time or if I’m feeling a bit under the weather. This De-Stress Mind bath and shower oil* from Aromatherapy Associates (£39) is amazing as it really helps promote a calmer mind and relaxation – perfect for before bed.

5. Talk to someone – if you’re stressed about work, speak to your boss and explain why – they might be able to help. Talk to your partner, or a friend who will make you laugh – ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is a massive cliché, but it really helps to talk sometimes, even if it’s just to have a chat and get stuff off your chest. I’ve had numerous What’s App rants at close friends, and always feel better for them, even if I’m not able to speak with them in person.

I also like to use Elemis' Quiet Mind Temple Balm* (£16). This is small enough to keep in my handbag, and I can apply to my temples at my desk without looking too obvious. The scent is really calming and will help you de-stress without putting you to sleep!

What do you use to help you de-stress?



  1. Lovely post kat, and good tips, especially for this time of year when stress levels are higher,

  2. some brill tips kat! my tricks are talking to someone, having a cry, getting in the most comfy clothes i own, curl up in bed with a film (normally sharks tale or finding nemo!) and mac & cheese (and maybe chips....) anything hydrating, like a toning mist is a must do!


  3. I love going for a walk when I feel a little overwhelmed & stressed. I leave my phone at home & take time out. The Aromatherapy Associates Oil sounds lovely & luxurious.


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