US beauty swap

When I found out that Naomi at Bewitchery was arranging a bargain beauty swap with US/International bloggers, I put my hand up faster than you can say Wet n Wild. 

Like a lot of beauty bloggers based in the UK, I have actual dreams about Sephora and the amazing US drugstores, so this was basically a dream come true. 

We were each paired up, and the rule was that we had to spend £10/$16 on beauty products for our swapee. 

I was paired with Nora who writes Live, Light & Beauty. We sent each other a few emails getting to know likes/dislikes etc and asked if there were any brands that we both wanted to try. I love EOS lip balms so asked if one of those could be included and also asked to try a Wet n Wild eye shadow palette. Nora was really keen to try out Sleek eye shadows, so I made sure to include one of their palettes in her package. 

My parcel arrived at the end of last week, and needless to say I was a little over excited. Nora sent me everything I hoped for, plus a little more! 

In the package was a melon EOS lip balm, 2 Wet n Wild eye shadow trios and a Cover Girl liquidline blast liquid effect pencil liner. 

I was so happy with what she sent! I really love both the eye shadow palettes and as they are completely different colours will get to create lots of looks with them. I'm also really intrigued to try the Cover Girl liner - it's a pencil liner but is meant to have a liquid liner finish to it. I've not tried anything like this before, and as an eyeliner junkie, it's perfect! 

I forgot to take a photo of Nora's parcel before I sent it (stupid), but will link up to her post when it's live. I really loved doing this swap and will definitely be signing up for another one in future! 


  1. You got some great items! Can't wait for the reviews! X


    1. thanks - am having fun testing them all out!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You received some lovely pieces :) The eyeshadows look really nice! xx


    1. thanks - I'm going to have a play with them at the weekend :)

  4. I wish we had Wet n Wild in the uk! Great swap!

    Gillian x


  5. Great products, really looking forward to hearing about the eyeliner :) xx

    1. I'll have a post up about it very soon :)

  6. This looks great! I love wet n wild! x

    1. This is my first try with them - so excited :)

  7. Oh wow, I am so jealous of everything you received!!! I really want to do a US beauty swap one day, just so I can get my paws on some Wet n Wild :) <3 xx

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