Mac Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Veronica's Blush

To say I was a little excited about MAC's Archie's Girls collection is an understatement. I love vintage/retro styles and these really appealed to me. 

I had originally planned to buy some bits after my spending ban in March, but after finding out that the launch was happening early at Selfridge's last week, I pretty much ran down there after work to get my hands on them! 

The one item I was really longing for was the Pearlmatte powder in Veronica's Blush. This is my first powder product from MAC and I fell in love with the heart shaped design that was embossed into it.

Veronica's Blush is a pale pink, slightly shimmery powder with small darker pink hearts inside it. When mixed together, they form a lovely soft pink sheen.

I've been using this product as a highlighter. Although it contains a darker colour, this is quite soft and I don't think offers enough pigment to use the powder as a blush. 

The packaging is very different to MAC's usual black offering, and I know not everyone likes it. I actually love it! The powder compact is white plastic with the 3 Archie's Girls characters printed on the top, and has a good-sized mirror inside so is perfect for using on the go.

As part of the launch, if you bought any product from the collection, you also got a cute little Archie's Girls tin with some little sweets inside. This just made my day! 

Veronica's Blush is currently exclusive to Selfridge's and costs £21.50. I believe that the range will be launching across MAC stores/concessions over the next few weeks. 

What are your thoughts on this collection?


  1. The inside detail is so cute!

    paige x

  2. So cute! Reminds me of one of my fave blushes, W7 in Angel :)

  3. I'm not a massive fan of the packaging, but the actually product is so cute haha, and it looks so pretty

    A little bit Unique


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    1. it's very pretty even if you don't like the packaging :)

  4. I actually really like the retro designs - very cute :) xx

  5. This is really pretty, I don't like the packaging though. x

  6. This blush is so cute. I love the packaging and the heart design!

  7. The blush looks so cute, but of course you can sell me anything with a heart/in a shape of a heart and I will buy it lol

    I have your link from bbloggers chat from yesterday evening. I am following now
    Cristina @Cristina's Beauty Box

  8. I want.. I neeed , I'm ON a flippin spending ban!


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