Spending ban update week 3

I've now officially been on my spending ban for 3 whole weeks. For me, it has been a real struggle. I'm used to popping out at lunch and picking something up in Boots or ordering what I like online. That of course, was the reason behind this ban - to try to curb the kind of useless spending that despite earning an ok salary, sees me getting the the end of each month completely skint and with nothing really to show for it.

This week I made 2 purchases. One had been planned since I found out about the upcoming Urban Decay Oz launch - so when the Glinda Palette went live, my card was out of my wallet quicker than Superman changing his outfits. On top of that, In Style launched their March issue which has the 'best beauty buys' supplement, so I decided to allow myself that. Those two spends total £38.80 (ouch).

Those have been my only two purchases this week other than some necessary cotton wool, deodrant and food.

Speaking of food, I am going to make a massive effort through the next week to cut down my food bill, as not only am I wasting a lot of money in not being prepared and bringing my own lunch to work, but I'm also eating a lot of crappy food that isn't doing me any good. I shall be making an effort to make my lunches the night before, and also pack a few healthier snacks to avoid the lure of the office cafe and their delicious evil freshly baked muffins.

How have you been getting on with your spending bans?


  1. Oh well done Kat :-) I'm into week two but doing ok I think! it's easier knowing I'm not the only one.

    elspeth xx

  2. I'm doing similar to you! I always spend too much on crap, but if you've cut out the impulse beauty buys then that's probably more than paid for the oz palette :) xx

  3. I was ok in January but February not so good!Hold on in there!

    Gillian x

  4. Keeping going, you're doing soooo well!!



  5. I'm now a month and 4 days in and only bought dry shampoo at walmart for $3. I ran out of my other dry shampoo and wanted to buy another one. Otherwise, I've been good! :)


  6. I still think you are doing really well hun. :) x

  7. Despite our little *ahem* slip ups! I still think we should be proud of how far we have come :)

  8. I need a review of this palette! :) X



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