MUA Brow Kit

As a pale-skinned, fair haired person, brows are something I often forget about. Mine are blonde and almost need a bright light to reflect them in order for them to be seen.

Cue the MUA brow kit. I'd been looking for a product to help darken them a little, without looking like I'd had an accident with some hair dye. Most brow pencils are too dark for me, so I'd previously resorted to using a light brown eyeshadow to deepen their colour a little.

The MUA brow kit consists of 3 different shades of brow powder, a clear gel to keep them in place, an applicator brush and a set of mini tweezers.

The lightest shade in the kit works perfectly for me (it's actually meant as a highlight I think), but the others provide a nice range for darker haired ladies.

It's easy to apply using the brush applicator and I find that once applied the colour lasts nicely for a good 8 hours.

The best thing about this product is the price. Like all MUA products it's super cheap and retails at £3.50. The tweezers are a bit rubbish, but to be honest, I use my Tweezerman ones anyway, and for the price, who's going to argue?

What do you use for your brows?


  1. I have tried this and I didnt get on well with the gel. Its okay but I MUCH prefer the ELF brow kit, its really good and about the same price. This was a let down from MUA and I agree the tweezers are pants...still in an emergency its better than nothing!

    1. The tweezers are definitely rubbish - the ELF one sounds great!

  2. I love this, I only use the dark powder (Haven't tried the setting gel) and it works amazing for my brows. Great post :)

    S xx

  3. I've never come across a brow palette that has had great tweezers in it, but overall, it sounds great for the price! :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  4. Love how budget friendly MUA products are, definitely sounds like a great buy :) I use my hd brow palette at the moment which I got in a Glossy box a while back x

    1. I've heard really good things about the HD brows kit x

  5. I have this one and do love the little tweezers and brush it comes with, however my brows are black so even the darkest shade doesn't match unfortunately x

  6. I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds great. x

  7. I usually use Benefit Borwzings but these sound great and think I might give them a go.

    I bought my first MUA product (an eyeshadow palette) last week and was really surprised by the quality so really want to give some of their other stuff a try!

    Emma xx


  8. I've just got this as well. I agree, it does last a nice, long while and the tweezers are a piece of...rubbish. :)
    Sophie xx


  9. The shades look great in this. I currently use the light browzings. It's great but not very light. I think when I'm blonde I'll need something else so I'll have to remember this. My brows are so pale with nothing on them x


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