American Apparel nail lacquer - Galaxy

American Apparel are not somewhere I would immediately think of to go for nail polish. Trendy clothes, yes. Nail polish, no.

That assumption however was completely wrong, after I discovered their range whilst killing time waiting for a train in Kings Cross station.

They make a wide range of polishes, from pastels to brights, along with glitters, neons and even glow in the dark polish. 

I picked up Galaxy as part of a 3 for £17 deal (they are £7 individually). A clear polish with large, multi-coloured hexagonal glitter, it really spoke to the magpie in me. 

Like a lot of large flake glitters, this one requires several coats and a little bit of positioning in order to get a good glitter spread across the nails. It dries pretty quickly and still feels quite smooth to the touch. 

What I love about this polish is that each nail looks slightly different. This polish isn't for you if you want uniform nails! It will also work over all colours of base coats, making it a cost effective glitter for your collection (or at least, that's my justification!). 

American Apparel polishes are stocked in store and also online. Next on my list to try is a glow in the dark one - if that works, it will be amazing! 

What do you think of this polish? 


  1. I really like this, it would look great over black or midnight blue! xx


    1. Definitely! I'll be trying it over a dark colour next :)

  2. Such a gorgeous colour and I love the base coat as well, it's so pretty

    A little bit Unique


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  3. Love it! I never thought of American Apparel for nails either. I like glitter polishes and that every nail is different too. x

  4. Beautiful! I really need to paint my nails more...been inspired!!!


  5. These look fab, love the bigger glitter flakes! X

  6. Thanks for all the comments :) I can definitely recommend AA for nail polish - this stuff was a nightmare to get off though!


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