Pro Beauty show 2013

On Sunday I met Alice (Bright Town Girl) for a trip to Pro Beauty London. The UK’s largest beauty trade show, it took place at the Excel centre over 24/25 February.

The range of brands on offer were amazing – from skincare from Elemis, Bliss, Clarins, Aromatherapy Associates and more, to massive stands from nail giants OPI and Essie with some amazing discounts.

The giant Essie stand
We went early and arrived about 10.30am. It wasn't too busy and we popped to the NYX cosmetics stand to make our first purchases of the day. It was really good to see this brand in the flesh as I’m a bit wary about buying ranges online without getting to touch them first.

Some of the stands from the cafe

After NYX, we hit OPI where the cues were massive! Considering they were selling full size bottle for £6, I’m not really surprised. Instead of queuing, we decided to go to the Essie stand, which was a little bit quieter. I was pretty restrained and only bought 1 Essie polish, plus their matte top coat that I really wanted to try out.

Just a tiny selection of Essie polishes

I did get a little bit over excited at the Colour Club stand however, and bought 3 polishes – one holographic, one that changes colour indoors and another that looked like a good OPI glitter dupe.

The Elemis Spa bus

We spent quite a while perving over fan brushes at Crown Brush, and after selecting some more eye brushes, I bought a mini fan brush as it was too cute to resist (and only £2)!

Makeup artist working on model
AOFM makeup looks

Model having a makeover

I think my best bargain of the day was a giant bottle of Trilogy’s rosehip oil for just over £17. It also came with a free body cream, so an even bigger bargain.  

Man covered in body paint design
Body painting at AOFM

One of my favourite stands was the AOFM stand. They were performing some awesome makeovers, from total body art to face crystals and I couldn’t walk away without picking up their book for only £10. Both Alice and I were a bit dumbstruck at some of the stunning photos in there.

We left about 2.30pm after it started getting absolutely heaving (cue elbow pushing), popping back to Stratford Westfield for some lunch (note, eating and drinking at Excel will cost you a bomb).

Here's what I bought:

make up book
AOFM Makeup is art book
bottles of nail polish
Essie topcoat, polish and Colour Club polishes

face masks
Sheet face masks and Trilogy Oil

makeup brushes and blusher
Crown Brushes, NYX blush and lip liner
I had such a great day. I will definitely be going back again next, year, no doubt with an even bigger list as I know what to expect!

Did you go to Pro Beauty this year? What did you think? 


  1. They are having a pro beauty show in Birmingham in may. Praying that trilogy will be selling £17 bottles of oil there! x

    1. ok, I coming up to the Birmingham one. I feel like I didn't abuse the discounts enough. lol. x

    2. I may also need to come. I NEED MORE DISCOUNTS!! :) x

  2. I found out about it too late! DAMN! I'm very very intrigued by the nail polish which changes colour when indoors! Review please! X


    1. I hope it works! It's meant to turn lilac. will review asap x

  3. Wow, that's paradise. ;) would love to Ho, maybe next year
    Great buys - I have a nyx blush and it's fab, great quality for money. X

    1. it was amazing! We were like kids in a sweetshop :)

  4. I went to the one in Manchester and absolutely loved it. I will definitely be going again next year!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

    1. ooh, fab! Hope you have fun again next time x

  5. You got some very nice stuff! I'm already looking forward to next year too. xx

    1. Thanks :) You'll have to let more know what you picked up x

  6. I wanted to go to the Manchester one last year but was a wimp and wouldn't go on my own, I think I'll be going this year

  7. I wish i had gone now! Can't believe i decided against it!

    What do you use a fan brush for? i have one that came in my Sephora set, but ive no idea what to do with it?


    1. Definitely go next time! You can use fan brushes for highlighting/light powder dustings etc. I'm going to use this baby one for brushing away excess shadow/powder x

  8. Gutted I couldn't make it this year after being struck down with laryngitis. Glad you enjoyed it though :) It's such a great event x

    1. oh, what a shame! I loved it, definitely want to go again x

  9. Hold up theres a pro beauty in brum...im there :)

  10. wow, looks like a lovely day.. !!

  11. Looks like an amazing event, lucky girl!

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Click here

  12. that body paint looked awesome! the even looked like so much fun :) xx


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