RMK Vintage Sweets Collection review

For me, RMK is one of those brands that don’t get enough attention. It might be down to the fact that they aren’t too easily sourced in the UK (you’ll find them in Selfridges), but the Japanese brand has some seriously good products that need a spotlight shone on! 

The Vintage Sweets collection* is their latest launch, creating a beautiful range of pastel-coloured, candy-inspired makeup for spring. Vintage Sweets is inspired by a little bit of yesteryear, with dreams of afternoon teas and sweet fragrances.  

RMK Vintage Sweets collection
RMK Vintage Sweets collection
The full collection
It has to be said that I’m a sucker for pretty products, so the design of these really appeals to me. In fact, they look so nice it almost makes you want to not use them so you don’t disturb the patterns. But that would just be silly *has stern words with self*. 

The standout pieces from this collection for me are the face powders and blushers. While I initially thought that the multi-colour Vintage Sweets Face Color Powder I had was a highlighter, it turns out it’s actually a pressed powder that’s designed to help even out the skin tone and tone down any redness in the skin. It’s best used all swirled together with a large brush and applied across the skin, however if you suffer from a lot of redness, you can target the green areas more which will help to combat the red effect. There’s also another blue/lilac colourway in this powder which works better at adding luminosity and I’m quite tempted to add this to my collection too. 

As blushers go, these ones are pretty small in size, but definitely not in terms of pigment. Each Vintage Candy Cheeks blusher in the range is two-tone, with a lighter shade and a darker one, making it possible to customise the finish to your chosen colour. These are all powder blushers that feel incredibly soft on the skin, and while the size might look a little small, just the lightest touch will give you the perfect flush of colour on the cheeks. 

The design of the Sugar Sweet eye shadows reminds me a lot of different coloured humbugs – and although blue isn’t the first colour I would usually reach for, the product itself has a lovely finish to it. The striped design makes it easy to target one shade or the other – you can use them alone or blended together, giving you three shades for the price of one. Some of the colour options are a little out there for nude shadow lovers like me, but if you like a bolder look than me, then there are some great shades to choose from. 

As far as lip glosses go, these are pretty nice. I’m not a fan of glosses and the child in me is longing to whizz the applicator wand around inside the tube and ruin the lovely swirled design, but we all know that will end in tears! These aren’t sticky, and last well even with a bit of eating and drinking. Be warned, these are scented which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so try to have a sniff in store first if that sort of thing bothers you. 

RMK has added five pastel nail polishes to the collection – the nude shade I have is lovely, although it takes a little while to dry. I think the candy coloured lilac has to be my favourite – come spring I love that sort of shade! 

Finally, there are some dual coloured W Color Mascaras that form part of the collection which I love the idea of, I’m just not sure I’m brave enough to pull them off! The one I have is pink and black, which would great on the right skin tone, but on me is just bad – pink around the eyes makes me look like I’ve been crying. I think these would look lovely applied to the tips of lashes for a pop of colour, so I might give the blue one a try and see how I fare. 

Vintage Sweets can be found online and in store from Selfridges, with prices starting at £14 for the nail polishes up to £33 for the powders. 

What do you think of this collection? 

*PR samples 



  1. ERMAGHAD - I need these now, they are so pretty. The colours are so cute. I especially love the striped powder.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  2. HOLY MOLY. How pretty is this packaging?? Love the sound of the dual coloured mascaras. I have never tried anything from this brand but heard the foundations are meant to be lovely :)

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA


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