Disappointing products - February 2015

One of the great things about blogging is trying out lots of different products. As a beauty junkie there's nothing I like better than getting my hands on a new launch, or something I haven't tried before and giving it a thorough testing. I tend to focus mostly on products that have impressed me on this blog, but I've been asked by several readers for products I'm not keen on, so I'll be aiming for a monthly post on some of the ones that just haven't worked for me.

disappointing products February 2015

Weleda Pomegranate hand cream* - I normally love me some Weleda but there's something about the Pomegranate hand cream that just isn't doing it for me. Aside from the smell (which I really don't like), it doesn't seem to moisturise my hands. Which is a bit of a fail for a hand cream. Now, my hands are like lizard skin at the moment and do need a lot of extra hydration, so if you have nice soft hands but want a little bit of moisture then you might find you love this. It's just not strong enough for me.

Benefit They're Real eye liner (not pictured) - one of the most hyped products last year turned out to be a total no-no for me. Despite being a liner addict, I was left really disappointed by Benefit's new release. I could never get the right amount out of the tube - it was always too much or too little - and the shape of the nib seemed to make it impossible to get a neat cat's eye look. It also seemed to flake off towards the end of the day so I ended up giving up and throwing it away. 

Show Beauty Dry Shampoo* - I had seriously high expectations for a dry shampoo that costs £30 but sadly I've been left feeling a bit dejected by this one. It almost does too good a job at removing oil from my hair, leaving it looking dry and dull and feeling knotty to the touch. I'll be sticking to my £3.50 CoLab dry shampoo from now on! Thankfully this one was a sample from Glossybox's special edition Harvey Nichols box - I would've cried had I paid full price for it.

Nails Inc nail polishes* - I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with Nails Inc polishes. I adore the finishes and the array of shades but for some reason they last no more than 24 hours on me without chipping. I've tried different base/top coats and the result is always the same. And yet, I'm still drawn to them, especially with the sleek new packaging!

Have you tried any products this month that have let you down?


  1. Such a shame those nails inc polishes don't work for you the shades are beautiful!
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. Nails inc, seperates so quickly in the bottle chips with hours
    Opi peels off my Nails no matter what top/ undercoat I use

  3. It's funny how some of the best products are the cheapest! (re: dry shampoo!). I had a couple of disappointing products for me in 2014, some of which were people's favourites in 2014! Shows that everyone is different in their needs and not every product suits everyone :) Great post!

    Kate | themintedbeauty.com

  4. I am surprised about the Show Dry Shampoo, I tried a tester in HN and liked it, just not enough to justify £30, my friend however swear by it... That’s what I love about these kinda post is that you see that not everyone loves every product :)

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  5. I've had the same experience with the Weleda Pomegranate hand cream, it really didn't soak into the skin, like one of those cheap ones based on aqueous cream that sometimes appear in generic Christmas Gift Packs. And it had an odd smell that didn't remind me of pomegranates at all.

  6. Shame about the Nails Inc polishes. I love the Benefit push up liner, but I think its a bit of a marmite product!

    Sophie x

  7. I have a love hate relationship with Nails Inc, they are either really good or really bad, never mediocre z

  8. Benefit's eyeliner is brilliant (for me). It's slightly tricky to adjust to but once you've got to grips it works. A secret worth knowing is to wipe the nib with tissue so you don't have any crusty bits.

  9. I love the Benefit liner! I don't usually think their products live up to the hype - I did have to persevere with it though to get the quantity and usage right though - which is a pain as it is so hard to get off if ou make a mistake!

  10. I adore Nails Inc polishes, I've had VVB Bamboo white on my nails for 6 days now without a chip in sight! I'm with you on the Benefit liner, I totally got swept up in the hype with that purchase! xo

  11. Oooo I have not yet tried the Benefit liner... glad I didn't buy it now :)

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  12. Have to agree, I can see why the fragrances of Weleda products are not for everyone. I love Skin Food though!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  13. I'm the same with the Benefit eye liner, I really want to like it, but it's hard to use (this coming from a seasoned liquid eyeliner expert!) and it transfers onto my lid (not a good look!).


  14. I have exactly the same issue with nails inc. I really really really want to like them but they just chip so easily. From now on its Essie and Barry m all the way. They seem to be the only ones that last on my nails!

    Fi x


  15. Heck I would have definitely cried if I paid £30 for a dry shampoo and it was rubbish but to be fair for that price i'd want 2 weeks out of my hair not just a couple of days haha! I've never really had an experience with Nails Inc but as far as the brush/shades are concerned I get the impression that they're pretty average but with a hefty price tag

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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