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Having wide feet is the bane of my existence – I see so many pretty shoes that I just know I’ll never manage to squish them in to. That said, I make it my mission to find nice looking shoes as often as possible, so after a seriously long gap, I’ve rediscovered my love of Clarks.

New Clarks Dulcie Meg shoes
New Clarks Dulcie Meg shoes
New Clarks Dulcie Meg shoes on feet
Clarks used to conjure up horrible memories for me – there were many trips there to get my school shoes, which because of the width of my feet inevitably ended up looking more like the ones in the boy section, rather than the nice ballet flats my friends were wearing. Moving on 20 years (yes, I am that old), Clarks has had a bit of a renaissance. My favourite hot pink heels come from there and I wander around smugly with an inbuilt cushioned insole, feeling ridiculously comfy and stylish at the same time.

The lovely people at Clarks recently sent me some vouchers to treat myself to a new pair of shoes (which let’s face it, you can never have enough of), so I trotted off to one of their Oxford Street stores for a serious trying on session.

This season they’ve got some absolutely crackers on the shoe front, but it still felt a little early to me to break into the sandal section, so I went for these little beauties (called Dulcie Meg) with a decent heel and a cheeky peep toe at the front. It was quite hard to choose as they had lots of lovely shoes on offer, and I’ll be heading back post pay day to grab myself another pair that caught my eye.

At £50 these aren't cheap shoes, but the leather will wear well for a seriously long time and I think it’s worth spending a little extra on shoes – we spend so much time in them that comfort is definitely worth the extra few £££. As well as wide fitting options on some styles, they also offer half sizes which is an absolute lifesaver and something I wished more brands did.

If you’ve not been to Clarks in a while, I’d highly recommend popping down for a look. Yes, they still have their more traditional shoe section, although this seems to be relegated towards the backs of the stores now to make way for the more fashion forward stuff.

Are you a fan of Clarks shoes?

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