US makeup haul - the Lorac edition

Ok, it's time to hold my hands up and admit to another spending ban fail. Clearly this ban is going about as well as some of my previous ones. Ahem. But when your friend decides she's coming to visit for a couple of weeks from the US and asks if there's any makeup you'd like brought over, it would be rude to say no, right?!

So...after about five seconds of deliberation, I went straight to the Ulta website and got a bit Lorac happy. I've been perving over the Pro palettes for quite some time now, so both of those went on the list. As did the Pocket Pro which I ordered for you lovely people as a giveaway prize, so keep you eyes peeled for that coming soon.

US makeup haul
US makeup haul Lorac Pro palettes and Physician's Formula Argan Wear blusher
Because I bought so much Lorac, the kind people at Ulta threw in a trial size Cobra mascara which I'm looking forward to trying. In all the excitement of the Pro palettes, I forgot that they actually sell other kinds of makeup (which is probably a good thing for my bank balance). 

A quick look at the Physician's Formula section also saw me adding an Argan Wear Blusher to my order - I love the look of this; the embossed design really speaks to my inner magpie! 

As I had to think about my friend's luggage allowance, I thought I'd better stop there - it turns out the Ulta website is amazing and I could quite happily have ordered about half of it, which I don't think she'd have been impressed by! 

Sadly Ulta won't ship to the UK, but I'm hoping that at some point they'l change their minds and adopt a Sephora style ordering system. Until they do, I shall be relying on my friend to keep me well-stocked! 

I'll be popping up some reviews on the Lorac palettes soon - have you tried these before? What do you think? Which one would you like to see reviewed first? 


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