Slendertone Face review

I’ve long been attracted to the lure of Slendertone. The possibility of zapping away the fat on my backside while sitting on the sofa seems like an impossible dream, but over the years I’ve heard seriously good feedback about the brand.

I was recently asked to give the Slendertone Face* a whirl and boy was I excited. Probably more excited than I should’ve been considering I would be voluntarily zapping myself with electrical currents, but who doesn’t want more youthful looking skin with minimal effort?!

Slendertone Face review

Slendertone Face review

Slendertone Face uses similar technology to their other products. It features electrical pads that produce a small current, which when applied to the skin stimulates the muscles beneath. As our facial muscles start to sag as we get older, the signs of ageing become more pronounced. Slendertone Face helps to tone and build the facial muscles, increasing the muscle volume and giving you a more youthful appearance.

The device itself looks a little like a pair of sports headphones. There are two pads, one for each side of your face, with a firm plastic headband to hold them in place. Positioning it is a little tricky – I had to slip it around the back of my neck and then move it up towards my cheekbones, following the instructions given on exactly where it should rest for maximum effect.

Once in place, the device is ready to turn on with the small control panel that’s attached by a long cord. The panel allows you to set the length of your session, plus edit the intensity of the electrical pulses, allowing you to find a comfortable level. As a beginner, I went for the short session initially and started around level 20 (there are 99 to work your way through), which lasted for about 10 minutes. As my sessions progressed and I became more comfortable with the sensation, I increased the level (I never made it past 50!) and the length of time I was using the device for.

I have to admit, the whole thing felt quite odd. I was worried initially that it would be like some sort of painful electrical shock, but it was really more like a tingle. It definitely felt like the muscles in my face were getting a bit of a workout, even on the lower levels and I really like the fact you can amend the intensity at any point throughout your session.

Slendertone recommend that you use the device five times per week for 12 weeks in order to see real results. This is really the only thing I found a little arduous as you have to do it once you’ve cleansed, but before you’ve moisturised and I often went on to auto pilot through my evening regime and forgot to stop post-cleansing which meant I had to miss a night. Apparently the device won’t work very well after you’ve applied lotions so it might be worthwhile having it in front of you when you’re cleansing to act as a reminder to use the Slendertone before moving on with your routine.

The gel pads need to be replaced after every 2-3 weeks, and while the box comes with two sets, if you plan to use the device long term, you'll need to invest in some extra sets which is a little annoying. These cost around £12 for six pairs, so not a huge sum, but something to bear in mind when making the initial purchase.

Over the past 10 weeks I’ve definitely seen an improvement from using this device – my eye area looks a lot more youthful and my skin just seems to look that little bit fresher. I will definitely continue to use my Slendertone Face in the future and if you’re looking for something to tackle fine lines and early ageing then I think this would be a great option.

Slendertone Face costs £149.99 and can be bought from Slendertone online.

Have you tried anything from Slendertone before? Would you want to give this a try?

*PR sample


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