The Autumn Tag

Autumn is my favourite season of the year - those perfect crisp sunny days with beautiful leaves all around make up for the mist, drizzle and associated hair issues you often associate with the season! Today I'm taking part in the Autumn Tag, created by the lovely Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3 (image credit also to Georgina). I'd love to see your answers to this tag, so please link me up in the comments if you've taken part.  

1.  Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?
I know this is controversial, but I don't actually like tea or coffee (sorry), so all those lovely sounding latte's have never crossed my lips. That said, I did enjoy a Hot spiced apple drink from Costa last year - it reminded me a lot of mulled cider and was absolutely delicious!

2.  Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
I like to stick my boots on pretty much as soon as September starts, so I'm already in ankle boots as we speak! Scarves are another must-have for me - I have about 10 different ones that I rotate throughout the colder weather. I'm also loving the fact that cardigan style capes are back in fashion - it's like being able to legitimately wear a blanket and not get looked at weirdly.

3.  Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
My music taste doesn't really change much throughout the seasons - I tend to just play what I enjoy! Always a lot of Fleetwood Mac, whatever else might be included in the mix.

4.  Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
My perfume tends to change more on my mood rather than the seasons, but I do like something slightly spicy for an autumnal evening. My current favourite is Reiss Black Oudh.

5.  Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
I absolutely adored the Diptique pine scented candle they brought out for Christmas last year, and I have a travel sized version of that which i'm saving up for cosy nights in.

6.  What do you love most about Autumn?
Those perfect autumnal days where it's chilly outside but the sun is still shining. To me, those are the perfect kind of day and I like to spend them outside, preferably walking along the beach, wrapped up in a nice warm coat and scarf.

7.  Favourite makeup look?
It's got to be berry nails and a berry lip. Pretty standard for A/W but definitely a classic.

8.  What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
My holiday (yay!) and then hopefully coming back to some crisp autumnal weather so I can crack out my scarves and head down to the seaside.

What's your favourite thing about autumn?


  1. Ooo I want to do this tag, loved your answers Kat. P.S you are totally missing out on the Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks, I literally get tears of joy in my eyes when I see this back on the menu xxxx

    Zoe Newlove | Beauty Blogger & Make-up Artist

  2. Love this tag, totally stealing this :) Love your choices, gotta rock a berry lip for Autumn!! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. I love this. I'm also a scarf addict and candleaholic.


  4. Mmm I really like the hot spiced apple from Costa - I think they still do it :) With you on Fleetwood Mac too :D


  5. I have done this tag aswell, it was really fun to do and got me into the autumn spirit! Click the link to check it out!



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