Reflection: advice I'd love to give my younger self

If you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice, what would it be? My teenage years (like a lot of people’s) were filled with lots of angry hormones, worries that I would never find a boyfriend and bad fake tan episodes. I’ve been thinking of a few things I’d love to be able tell my younger, angst-filled self – it’s easier in hindsight to realise that things you thought were the end of the world really weren’t even close!

Me aged 2
- Embrace the ginger – yes you might’ve been bullied for it when you’re younger, but as you grow older you’ll realise just how fabulous it is.

- NEVER get highlights that have been done with a rubber cap. Ever. Why on earth were those things even allowed in hairdresser's?! 

- Following on from that, avoid the 90’s Victoria Beckham ‘long at the sides and cropped at the back’ hair cut. You looked like an idiot (especially when combined with the rubber cap highlights).

- Don’t worry about not fitting in all of the time – being individual is great.

- Mascara will literally change your life. Buy it earlier. And buy it in bulk.

- When your friend’s mum offers to fake tan you at age 15, say no. You’ll look like you’ve been covered in creosote.

- Tell your parents you love them more often – let’s face it, you’re a bit of a grumpy b**ch to them

- Don’t start smoking. It doesn’t make you look cool and it will be an absolute nightmare to give up in your 20s. Plus it gives you wrinkles.

- Enjoy yourself - one day you'll get to 30 and enjoy looking back on all of the fun things you did. 

What advice would you love to give to your younger self? 



  1. I would definitely tell myself not to worry and care as much - I spent way too much time doing that! xx

  2. I'd tell myself to embrace the ginger too. I spent so long hating my hair colour and now I love it. Granted over the years I've got a lot blonder, but Im a ginger at heart, I didn't go through all those years of 'ginger minger' (and a lot worse) to turn blonde!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  3. Great advice. I would definitely tell myself to not to worry and care as much and to have as much fun as possible. Those highlights sound gorgeous btw...

    Sophie x


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