Unusual ingredients in skincare - would you use them?

There's been a sudden surge in strange ingredients in skincare over the past couple of years. No, I don't mean nasty parabens and whatever they put in face wipes to keep them moist for years, but things you'd never imagine putting on your face.

Snail slime for instance. Or how about some Bee Venom. Neither of those take your fancy? Why not try a synthetic version of temple viper venom?

We're all obsessed with keeping ourselves looking beautiful and it seems like there's no end of things we're willing to try in order to get the effect we want. Over the next couple of months I'm testing out products that contain all of the above ingredients. I'm intrigued to see if they have a real benefit, or if they're just another marketing gimmick, made to make us think they have some sort of skincare superpower.

Can Bee Venom really make the skin on your face firmer, or snail slime serum add lots of hydration? I want to believe that they do, as some of these products aren't exactly cheap, but keep your eyes peeled for reviews coming soon!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these more unusual ingredients. Do they put you off using the products, or would you quite happily slap on moisturiser that promised results, no matter what's inside?

What's the oddest ingredient you've ever come across?


  1. hey! personally, i wouldnt use products that had things from animals in, but stuff like gold etc i wouldnt mind! x

  2. I've never tried these skin care with these kind of things in but I would mind one with diamond in :) <3

  3. I was currently trying face masks with unique ingredients in it such as Snail (as you mention), Swallow's Nest, Cactus, Caviar, etc. They even have Snake Venom which I'm too afraid to use, LOL. You can read my review here if you want:
    Hello Care Face Masks Review


  4. I had my husband asking me the other day about snail slime as he spotted it on an advert (It was along the lines of, "Really? people are doing this?!"). I had to make him a sweet tea after showing some of weird and wonderful things in that happen in beauty around the world - vampire facial anyone?


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