Real Techniques brushes review

Many years ago, my makeup brush collection consisted of several sponge applicators and a powder brush. How times have changed! Good brushes can really make a difference in how your makeup looks, but don't think you have to spend a fortune to get good results. 

Real Techniques are budget friendly, high-quality, cruelty free brushes, designed by makeup artist guru Samantha Chapman. They have a wide range of brushes, and can be bought either singly or as part of one of their handy starter kits. I've been building up quite a collection over the past year and they are definitely my 'go to' brush brand! 

Real Techniques makeup brushes
Real Techniques makeup brushes
L-R blush, stippling, setting, shading, fine liner
Real Techniques makeup brushes
L-R blush, stippling, setting, shading, fine liner
I've picked out some of my favourites, all of which can be bought as single brushes and wanted to give you the lowdown on each of them. 

Blush brush*: soft and fluffy with a slightly domed shape, this will work wonders for both cream and powder blushers. It helps to blend the product really well and gives a flawless finish. £8.99

Shading brush*: perfect for applying eye shadow, this is super soft, but small enough to apply with precision. I'm tempted to buy another so I always have one available when the other is being washed! £6.99

Setting brush*: this brush is great for applying a small amount of powder to set your makeup. The brush is quite small, so can be used in those more annoying to get to areas, such as the sides of the nose, and also doubles up well for applying highlighter to brow bones. £6.99

Fine Liner brush*: although I normally use a felt pen style liquid liner, I do occasionally use a cream one, and this fine liner brush is great for applying them. It has very slim bristles, which enables you to get a nice, thin line, right along the lashes. £6.99

Stippling brush*: - possibly my favourite of them all, this is a duo-fibre brush that feels so soft against the skin. It's perfect for applying all kinds of creams and powders and I often use mine for blusher, or to apply highlighter. For me, this is the perfect brush to give you a flawless look, as it almost airbrushes the products on to your skin. £9.99

Another brush that I couldn't live without  (I haven't pictured as it's only available as one of the starter kits) is the Buffing brush. Similar in size to the stippling brush, but with much more closely packed bristles, the buffing brush is perfect for all types of foundation and gives the most flawless base effect I've found. 

You can find Real Techniques online from Fragrance Direct, and also in store from Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried this brand before? 

*PR samples



  1. I have tried both Real Techniques and Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes (still use both in my daily routine) and I've found that BCC are more consistent with their quality than Real Techniques whom I've found, when their brushes are spot on? They're brilliant but bad batches seem to occur frequently, I had an eye brush where bristles fell out really quickly (into my eye no less) and an MUA friend recently seems to have gotten a not-so-great batch BUT I do love the majority of my Real Techniques (core collection) and do find that a good make up brush works wonders with my make up! xx

  2. Absolutely love RT brushes - I too was a sponge applicator girl all them years ago and that physically makes me cringe!! RT brushes are the only ones I buy now and I cannot apply my foundation without my Buffing Brush - ever! I love the contour brush for use with cream bronzers and the stippling brush is fantastic for buffing in blusher... thumbs up to Real Techniques!



  3. Boots have a super offer on at the moment so I'm definitely getting two more of the shading brushes :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. I have many RT brushes, really want to get that setting brush though!Xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  5. I really need to get my hands on a RT brush, I've tried the dupes but I just don't think they stand up to what I've heard of the originals. I would love to own a RT brush set!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  6. I love all the real Techniques brushes they are simply out of this world! Great quality Great Price.

    Emily xx

  7. I adore RT Brushes. They're such good quality. I use my Stippling Brush everyday. I really need to buy a back up

  8. I am still wanting one and one day I will get one but until then I can just be amazed at their prettiness. I hope you get good use out of it!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  9. I have and love the core collection, but I really want to try the blush brush and starter set:) Great review!<3

  10. I love my RT brushes, can't live without them.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  11. Haven't tried them but love the look of these ones x

  12. definitely one of my favorite brush brands! I haven't tried the stippling brush yet! I really want to now :)

  13. I haven't tried any and I do really want to, but I don't even think Id know what to do with half of them!!

    Daisy x

  14. I can not live without my RT brushes!



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