Astrid and Miyu December Secret Box

When I got home last week to find the December edition of my Secret Box from Astrid and Miyu, I did a little squeal. Astrid and Miyu stock a range of beautiful jewellery online and their secret box is a bit like the jewellery version of Birchbox - each quarter they send you a surprise box of jewellery, tailored to a personal profile you fill out when you sign up.

My September box was a big hit, and I was really looking forward to opening this one and seeing what goodies were inside.

Astrid and Miyu secret box December

Astrid and Miyu secret box contents December

Astrid and Miyu secret box contents December horseshoe necklace

Astrid and Miyu secret box contents December rose gold necklace

I wasn't disappointed! In my box, along with my jewellery, I received two little extra gifts - a mini chocolate bar from ubuntu and also a Jelly Pong Pong eye shadow crayon. 

There were two items of jewellery this time around. First up, a super cute gold toned horseshoe necklace (£19), which I'd actually admired when I first had a browse through of their website.

Second of all was this beautiful rose gold toned Streams of Romance necklace (£59), a simple chain, inset with floating white crystals all the way round. This is definitely something I would have chosen for myself, which really shows that Astrid and Miyu do actually read the personal profiles you fill in at the outset! 

The Secret Box costs £39 per quarter (including delivery) and you always receive goods worth at least double that. I love the surprise element and have been pleased with everything I've received from them so far, so will definitely be keeping my subscription on for the March box. 

If you're still hunting for Christmas gift ideas, I think the secret box would make a lovely surprise (for yourself too!). 

What do you think of the secret box idea? 



  1. That second necklace is Gorgeous!

    Is that ubuntu as in the linux operating system?!

  2. Ahh that horseshoe <3 this seems like such a lovely box! xx

  3. I looove the horseshoe! gorge x

  4. I love that horseshoe necklace I know a friend that would love that!



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