Kiko Digital Emotion eye shadow stick collection review

If you haven't heard of Kiko yet, trust me, it won't be long before you do! Hailing from Milan, Kiko are an Italian makeup brand that have hit the UK and have recently launched an amazing new store on London's Regent Street.

They have a huge range of products, and in a massive range of shades. Their nail polish selection is one of my favourites to browse through as they have so many choices of colours and finishes. The prices are all reasonable - around the Max Factor price range - and they often have lots of special offers in store on selected products. 

Kiko Digital Emotion eye shadow stick collection

Kiko Digital Emotion eye shadow stick collection

Kiko Digital Emotion eye shadow stick collection swatches

I've been testing out the eye shadow stick set* from their latest, limited edition Digital Emotion range, which contains 5 creamy eye shadows sticks in a variety of colours. 

The eye shadows sticks are super easy to use - drag the stick gently across your lid for quick application, blending with a finger or a brush if you want to soften the colour slightly. They blend really well together, and can easily be layered one on top of the other for a custom colour. 

Once set, they really don't budge, and I've managed to wear these for 12 hours without experiencing any fading or creasing, and that's without using a primer! 

The set contains:

45 - Pearly Shell
46 Pearly Shell Black
47 Golden Green
48 Pearly Lagoon Blue
49 Smokey Brown 

All of the shades are highly pigmented, and although blue isn't my usual choice of colour, it actually looks lovely used as an accent shade. 

I recently bought a By Terry eye shadow stick which is very similar to these Kiko ones, but costs nearly three times the price of a single Kiko shadow stick. I can honestly say that they are pretty much the same high quality! I will definitely be buying more of the Kiko shades in future. 

This set would make a gorgeous Christmas gift for any make up lover, and would also be the perfect introduction to the brand if you haven't tried it before. The set costs £22.90, and can be found online from Kiko and in their stores across London. They also sell single eye shadow sticks in over 30 shades for £6.90 each, so if the colour choices in this kit aren't for you, I definitely recommend picking your favourite shade and trying one out - the formula is amazing!

Have you tried Kiko yet? 

*PR sample



  1. The formula of these sounds amazing, I might have to try one in a different colour :) <3

  2. love the box for this kit! Smokey brown and golden green also look lovely!

  3. I was actually sent this as well and I really love it! I have a review coming up this week but I wasn't keen on the green and blue shades, they're a bit too bright for me!

  4. Oh I've heard of them! Not yet tried any but my my, how I lust! These shades are gorgeous! x

  5. WOW - these look pigmented & I love the colour range. Very pretty. I have never tried anything from Kiko

  6. I discovered this brand in Sicily in the summer and I loved the items I picked up. X

  7. I wish they had Kiko here! I would LOVE to try stuff from them. These are gorgeous!


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