What's on my dressing table?

My dressing table is a focal point for me in my bedroom. I spend most mornings getting ready at it and have got it set up so that everything is ready for me to use when I'm still half asleep when I'm getting ready for work.

I know everyone likes a nose around (myself included!), so I wanted to give you a little tour of my dressing table.  

The table itself was a gift from my boyfriend. I love vintage furniture and my dressing table dates back to the 1960's. It's made from golden teak wood and has a massive mirror that runs along the top of it, which is my daily saviour!

The hair station
I've split my dressing table up into little areas. The first one is for hair products. Here I have Elnett hairspray, Mark Hill heat protector, Percy and Reed dry conditioner  Umberto Gianni backcomb in a bottle, Bumble and Bumble salt spray and a Toni and Guy salt spray (I like salt sprays!). The products I use each morning vary depending on whether I'm going for straight or wavy hair.

Straighteners and brushes

In front of these, I keep my GHD straighteners, dry shampoo, plus hairbrushes and combs (please excuse the hair). 

To the left, is my perfume collection. At the moment this includes: Marc Jacobs Lola, Marc Jacobs Dot, Thierry Mugler Alien and Trussardi Donna. 


In front of these I have a little vintage cake stand that I use to keep rogue lipsticks/balms and any extras that I use on a regular basis. 

Bits and bobs

The final area has a pot for my makeup brushes, and my little piggy bank that I'm saving the money from my 'use it up challenge' in. You can also see another bottle of perfume in the background - this is a mega bottle of Lola that I was given for Christmas by my lovely boyfriend as my other one has virtually run out.

Brushes and my pink piggy bank. 

Phew! So that's the whistle-stop tour. What have you got on your dressing table? 


  1. I love taking a peek into bloggers lives and I enjoyed this post! :) X


    1. thanks - i love these types of posts too :)

  2. I always love reading these posts and being nosey, lovely set up you have - I really need to get more organised! x


    1. This is the only place i'm organised, he he

  3. I love seeing these posts and what in my handbga posts! We have the same taste in perfume! I got Dot for christmas and Oh Lola last year and they have to be in my top 5 favourite perfumes ever! It all looks so pretty



  4. As people have said above I love these posts, you are very organised!

    I've just discovered your blog as I was drawn to the name, I'm also very pale so its good to see your skin care recommendations.

    Leanne x

  5. Your dressing table is so tidy - you should see the state of mine just now - oo i see another marc jacobs fan xxx

  6. Thanks to this post I am now the proud owner of salt spray - roll on tomorrow morning when I can try it before work. Impressed with your tidiness - I'm feeling the shame x

    1. Let me know how you get on with the salt spray :)

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