Steamcream review

Dear Steamcream, I love you, but why do you have to smell of lavender? If I were to give you this review in under 15 words, that would be it!

Steamcream is a moisturiser that mixes natural ingredients with a shot of steam. It's handmade in both the UK and Japan and can be used either on the hands, body or face.

I received mine as part of my Latest in Beauty advent calendar and I was really intrigued to try this product as it has a bit of a cult following.

It has a lightweight creamy texture that sinks into skin really easily and leaves it feeling super soft. I've been testing it out as a body lotion and have been impressed with how well it moisturises my dry winter skin.

Another bonus are the gorgeous tins that the product comes in. not only does it mean that the product is travel friendly, but you also get a pretty tin to keep things in once the product is finished.

The only downside of this product for me is the smell. It smells like lavender  Now, this is one of the few scents I'm really not keen on, so it does ruin the experience a little for me. That said, the smell doesn't linger for hours, so I have carried on using the product regardless.

Steamcream retails at £12.95 for a 75g tin, which is quite pricey, but this really does have the feel of a quality product.

Have you tried it before?


  1. Have you tried this as a facial moisturiser yet? I'm using it at the moment and quite like it. It looks really thick but is actually quite light - I guess thats the steam? I really like lavendar so the smell doesn't bother me :) x


  2. As we discussed on the train, I'm not a fan of it - but I am a fan of the tins. Perhaps I could use it simply as a hand cream as an excuse to buy more. I do love my tins! x

  3. The tin is gorgeous, although I am really not a fan of lavender either!


  4. I love Steamcream, it's such a great multi-purpose moisturiser and so easy to throw in my kit.

    I also love the tins, particularly the limited edition ranges, they're super cute. x

  5. I have a tin of steamcream in a cute ladybird tin but I find that it can irritate my skin slightly on occasion x


  6. This sounds amazing, I want to try it, but kind of put off by the price




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