Neom Complete Bliss bath oil review

Neom Complete Bliss bath oil is a luxury organic bath oil scented with Moroccan blush roses. This little beauty came to me as part of an Amarya beauty box last month and I've been looking forward to trying out ever since.

On a general day to day basis, I don't really 'do' baths. I'm a shower girl, and so don't buy many products that can just be used for the bath. That said, when I do, I like them to have a more luxurious feel, as I maybe have a bath once a month and do it for relaxation rather than cleaning purposes! 

This little bottle was the perfect size for a single use, so I made sure to get every drop out when running my bath. What hit me soon after was the amazing smell of rose turkish delight that it let off. This smell really lasted, perfuming the entire bathroom (along with the water) and later on, leaving a very subtle smell on my skin.

As it's a bath oil, no bubbles are created. I don't think this really matters though as the smell was divine and the oil left my skin feeling beautifully soft when I got out of the bath. It didn't leave the bath feeling greasy either, which is something I always worry about when using oil based products.

The full size 100ml retails for £32, which is pricey, but for an occasional bather such as myself, it would make a lovely treat. 

Have you tried any Neom bath products before?  



  1. It sounds so luxurious! :) I wish we had a bath in our place, even though I'm also a shower girl! ;) X


  2. I love bath oils. I'm definitely a bath person so something like this is right up my street x

  3. I love this bath oil! All the scents are lovely, great review x

  4. never tried a bath oil. but I am always looking for sents that linger however not much of a foral person do they sell them in other sent?

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