Nails Inc concrete polish - London Wall

Nails Inc have been releasing a lot of different polish finishes lately. As well as the leather look polish that I reviewed recently, I also picked up a pot of the concrete finish to trial.

I decided to go for the shade 'London Wall' which is a neutral 'griege' colour. The others in the concrete range are quite bright - red, yellow and blue - so I thought this would be a more subtle way to try it out.

The polish went on smoothly, although I was surprised to see tiny little lumps in it. It turns out that these are the concrete effect and build up as you add more coats of polish. This is completely different to the leather look polish which goes on shiny and dries out to a matte finish.

Two coats gave a really opaque finish and I was pleasantly surprised at how the effect looked. It feels rough to the touch, and is matte, living up to it's concrete name.

I was a little worried about how this would wear given that the leather finish polish only just made 24 hours, but this lasted 3 days before showing any signs of wear, and even then it was only to the tips, no actual chips.

The effect is quite similar to the leather look polish, so I wouldn't recommend buying both.

The concrete polish retails at £12 from Nails Inc retailers. Not a cheap polish, but I do like the effect.



  1. I quite like this look and I'd like to try it - seems low maintenance ;) xx

    1. it's very low maintenance - lasted a week before i had to take it off!

  2. I really like how unusual the finish is...looks kind of furry! Thanks for sharing :D xoxo

  3. It really looks like concrete and although I love all the new stuff for the nails, I'll pass on this trend. ;) The important thing is that YOU like it! X


    1. thanks - it's definitely not for everyone, but i love it :)

  4. This looks so interesting- I love the texture. Might look for this in a brighter colour and treat myself! X

  5. The texture is so interesting haha



  6. These do not appeal to me at all. I like my nails smooth and shiny. lol. x

  7. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this effect; normally loving the smoothness of fresh polish. But I think these look really effective. I do only have Barry M's version of these effects though, which are really pretty.


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