Skincare: the boosters

skincare boosters from Zelens and Clarins
We all have those days where our skin/hair/lives could do with a little bit of a boost – I know I’ve been feeling a lot like this all week! One solution for me was to pop my favourite dress on, do my hair real pretty and stick on a bit of lippy even though I was going nowhere except bed. That made me feel a whole load better but didn’t really do much for my dull, tired looking skin. So that’s where these bad boys come in.

There’s a big trend at the moment for skincare boosters – special little products that allow you to add customise your daily skincare regime with a bit of something extra. To give you a glow when you need it, or to help detox the skin when it’s feeling grumpy and hormonal.

Clarins’ new range of Boosters comes in three different types: Detox, Energy and Repair. Depending on how your skin is feeling at the time, you add a drop or two of your chosen booster to your daily moisturiser and then go about your day while it works it’s magic. They’re ultra-concentrated, so not designed to be use on their own, so don’t be tempted to slap a bit extra on for an extra ‘glow’!

I’ve been using the Energy Booster over the past few weeks and have been impressed at how well it revives my skin when I’m feeling tired and gives it a much more radiant effect. It’s perfect for those mornings when you’ve had a totally crap night’s sleep; no-one will ever know! Repairs is next on my list to try as it’s targeted at damaged skin and stressed out skin, so if you’re suffering from redness, have been out in extreme climates or need something soothing, add this one to your list. They’re £30 each, so reasonably affordable for a big skincare brand and can be found at Clarins counters countrywide.

Zelens new range of ‘Power’ drops are based on key ingredient such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Again, these are all targeted at individual needs, but unlike the Clarins drops, can be used alone or alongside your regular skincare regime.

I’ve been testing the Power D drops, which are packed full of provitamin D and bio-mimetic lipids, which work to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and build up its resilience. If you’re suffering from stress or work in a polluted environment (I’m looking at you London) then you need a bottle of this in your life. While you won’t get an immediate ‘OMFG my skin is amazing’ effect that you might get with the Power A drops (which are retinol based), what you do get is an ongoing feeling that your skin isn’t quite so clogged up or dull from working in a city full of stresses.

If you’re on the hunt for super radiant skin, then I’d also give the Power C drops a try. These contain a potent 20% Vitamin C content which helps support your  collagen production, while also packing in the radiance like there’s no tomorrow.

As you’d expect from Zelens, these definitely fall into the premium category with prices ranging from £110 to £125, but a little goes a long way and I’ve been very impressed with the results. You can find Zelens via Space NK or online from Selfridges and the Zelens website.

Have you tried a skincare booster? Which one would you add into your daily routine?

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