Lip palettes on a budget: L'Oreal and NYX

High street lipstick palettes from NYX and L'Oreal
High street lipstick palettes from NYX and L'Oreal
High street lipstick palettes from NYX and L'Oreal
As a girl who has a bit of a thing for lipstick, I’ve never really been one for lip palettes. The only ones on the high street looked cheap and nasty and the high end ones tended to be airport only (MAC aside) so not particularly accessible. That all changed last week when two pretty special high street launches arrived from NYX and L’Oreal.

I’m often guilty of carrying upwards of 5 lip products in my bag at any one time, so a palette seemed like the perfect solution to streamline things a little.

NYX’s offering comes in a choice of four colourways and can only be described as an incredible MAC dupe. At the recent launch for their spring collections, I did a double take when I saw these as they look JUST like the MAC ones, but with a much lower price tag. NYX have themed colours together, so you get a choice of nude shades, pinks, vampy plums/purples and bold reds/oranges.

Each palette contains six shades, all of which can be worn individually or mixed together to create your own custom shades or ombre looks. I’ve found that the deeper shades have tended to be a little more pigmented than the lighter ones, however there’s nothing to stop you from layering them up to create the finish that you’re after. They all have a semi-matte, satin finish, with a very creamy texture that doesn’t sit in any fine lines around the lip area. You’ll need to add your own lip brush to these palettes as they don’t come with one included, but Zoeva do a great one that you can easily pop in your handbag without causing any mess.

They don’t seem to have launched on the Boots website yet, but are $12 in the US, so I’m guessing they will be around the £12 mark once they finally pop up online over here.

L’Oreal’s palettes come in a choice of nude or pink/red colourways, each with six shades included. The compact is longer and thinner than the NYX counterpart, and also has a very handy mirror and a dinky little brush. I kind of feel that the NYX palettes are a bit better for at home use as they don’t have a mirror or a brush, whereas the L’Oreal ones are great for an on the go top up.

The formula inside the L’Oreal palettes is ever so slightly waxy, so I found that you need to build the colour up a little on some of the lighter shades. They do last really well once on the lips though, averaging around 3 to 4 hours before needing a touch up.

At £12.99 each, they’re a bit of a bargain, especially if you keep your eye out for any 3 for 2 offers in Boots or Superdrug over the next few weeks!

If I had to pick a favourite out of the lip palettes, it’s probably be the pink shades from NYX as they’re something I would wear all of the time, but the Nude L’Oreal palette is also a fab match for my skin tone! All in all I think they’re a great idea and it’s good to see more high street versions launching.

Are you a fan of lip palettes? Which one takes your fancy?

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