eSalon The Match Up: tailored hair products for coloured hair

eSalon match up service review
I was introduced to eSalon's new My Match Up service a few weeks ago over dinner at Duck & Waffle. In between duck related food heaven and one of the best views in London, we learnt all about eSalon and their unique 'salon at home' offering.

eSalon initially started as a mail order colour service, where you could have an online chat with a hair colouring specialist and get a custom mixed colour sent out to you via the post. This has been super popular in the US, offering a much cheaper alternative to a salon dye, but with none of the usual 'um, is this actually going to be the colour it say on the box' panic you get with at home kits. They've just launched this into the UK, with a really positive reception and have added on the Match Up service for all your hair care needs.

The Match Up brings you all the hair care products you need for coloured hair in one handy place. From sulphate-free shampoos, through to tinted conditioners to help extend the life of your colour, they've got it covered.

Although the products are all available to purchase on their own, My Match Up runs primarily on a subscription basis, where you can choose three products per order and receive a hefty discount on the usual cost. Your first Match Up will be just £11, with future ones costing £22. Unlike normal subscription services, you can choose how often you want your Match Up to be delivered, from anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks. It’s also very easy to cancel if you decide you don’t want to receive any more Match Ups in the post.

What I really love about this service is that you can either choose three products yourself from across their ranges, or you can take a quick questionnaire and they’ll recommend the ones that best fit your answers. I chose the second method and ended up with a shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, along with a tube of Tinted Love, which is a lightly tinted treatment to help freshen and maintain your colour (there are dozens of shades to choose from). If you fall in love with particular products, you can have them on repeat in every Match up or you can mix things up a bit and try a few new ones to find your favourite.

There are also plenty of styling products, heat protectors and even a detangling comb and squishy paddle brush. There’s a huge variety, and although I was initially a bit wary about choosing products from a brand I’d never heard of, they’re actually great quality and perform just as well, if not better, than many other well-known brands I’ve tested recently.

You can find out more about eSalon and the Match Up service over on their website. BRB, I’m off to wash my hair…

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