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Clean Reserve Blonde rose fragrance
Clean Reserve Blonde rose fragrance
The perfume area of my dressing table is a *tiny* bit overcrowded so I’d originally planned to streamline my collection a bit, but I couldn’t resist squeezing in just one more scent. And Clean Reserve’s Blonde Rose has really earnt it’s place.

Clean originally hails from the US and brought out a range of ‘non-perfume perfumes’ (their words, not mine) a few years ago. These focused on scents such as Fresh Laundry and Warm Cotton – simple fragrances that evoked those lovely smells we all adore, without being too traditionally ‘perfumey’.

The new range, Clean Reserve, takes things to the next level. They’re a little more complex, a bit more grown up and absolutely addictive. They’ve launched five unisex scents in the UK, with a slightly larger number in the US.

I’ve been trying out the Blonde Rose EDP, which is a light floral scent, with notes of rose (obviously), jasmine and peony. Despite all the floral extracts it’s not ridiculously ‘HELLO FLOWERS’, and is fresh enough that you could *just* get away with it if you’re of the more masculine persuasion.

Fragrance layering is quite a trendy thing at the moment and all of the Clean Reserve scents have been created so that they layer up well with each other. They recommend the Sueded Oud scent with Blonde Rose if you want something a bit deeper and more masculine. Although they might be pitched as unisex scents, I definitely think Blonde Rose would benefit from the richness of the Oud to stop it seeming like your boyfriend had borrowed your perfume.

The simple glass bottles and wooden lids really appeal to me – they’re different from everything else in my collection and really lineup with the ‘clean’ aspect of the brand. The wooden lids also come in handy for spritzing a little of the fragrance on so you can test out layering or just have it handy if you want a reminder of how it smells before choosing to wear it for the day.

Each 100ml bottle of Eau de Parfum costs £79, so we’re in Jo Malone territory here. But unlike the quick wear off you’ll get from a Jo Malone Cologne (my only bug bear with their range!), as these are EDP they’ll last much longer on the skin.

You can find the Clean Reserve range exclusively at Space NK within the UK and via Sephora in the US.

Have you tried Clean fragrances before? What do you think of this new range?

*contains PR samples


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