Perricone MD No Makeup Skincare review

‘No makeup makeup’ has been one of those beauty trends that we've all tried. Very often, it takes more makeup to achieve that look than it would do for a full on vampy one, which never seems to make much sense to me.

Perricone MD have had the perfect solution to this with their No Makeup Skincare line which has recently hit the shelves in Selfridges and the perriconemd.co.uk website and is proving to be a big hit so far.

Perricone MD No Makeup Skincare review
No Makeup Skincare is an extension (and a bit of a rebrand) of their small makeup line. You might've heard of their 'No Foundation Foundation' or 'No Concealer Concealer' before, both of which were designed to make you look fresh and glowy, without it being obvious you've got makeup on.

They’ve recently extended the line to include everything from mascara to bronzer, so if you’re after products that will help you look like you, but a little bit better, then you’re going to love these. They’ve also infused the makeup with some of the anti-ageing elements of their skincare, so for once you’ll actually be able to wear makeup that benefits your skin. Double bonus.

For an effortless wash of colour to the cheeks, try the No Blush Blush. This is a one shade suits all product, that really does seem to work on everyone I’ve seen it on. The soft rose shade blends into the skin to add a healthy, natural glow. You only need a tiny bit of this liquid blusher and I find it best applied with your fingertips – put a small amount on the back of your hand and then gently press on to the apple of your cheeks.

No Bronzer Bronzer is also great for adding warmth to your complexion. Again, a little goes a long way (especially for lighter skins like mine), but it adds a lovely sunkissed appearance when dotted across the areas you’d naturally catch the sun. I’d love to see this made in a couple of extra shades to allow dark and very very pale skin tones to be able to use it. At the moment it’s probably a little too dark for some people and not dark enough for others!

No Foundation Foundation is one of those cult products that has really earned its reputation as it’s fantastic for evening out your skin tone without looking like you’re wearing much in the way of base products. This now comes in two shades – regular and fair, so if you’re on the paler side of the spectrum, stick to the fair shade as the regular definitely falls into that medium beige camp. Texture-wise it feels incredibly lightweight on the skin and is my perfect weekend product when I want a little coverage but not a whole face of makeup. If you have oilier skin, dust a little powder over the top to set it and it should last a good 8-10 hours.

They've also released a No Foundation Foundation Serum, which blurs the lines between skincare and makeup even more. This feels like a tinted serum to me – it’s very lightweight, and gives just a hint of coverage to the skin. It can be used alone, or layered up with the No Foundation Foundation for increased coverage. Sadly this only comes in one shade, which is too dark for me, but if you have medium toned skin, then it will be a great match for you.

If you like a low key lash look, then I’d definitely recommend giving the No Mascara Mascara a try. It adds colour and depth to the lashes while still looking very natural. For me, it’s not *quite* enough as I tend to prefer a false lash effect, but I know a lot of my friends who will love this one. It lasts really well throughout the day without smudging or flaking, and the small brush means you can get in to every lash without poking yourself in the eye (this happens to me A LOT with the big, fat brushes!).

Prices range from £25 for the mascara, through to £45 for the No Foundation Foundations.

Do you like the sound of these new makeup launches from Perricone MD?

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