7 ways to de-stress in 10 mins or less

Feeling stressed can be a nasty thing and something that can spring up at anytime, virtually anywhere. I've put together a few of my most effective ways to try and de-stress quickly - whether your having a bad day at the office, stuck on sweaty public transport, or just need to take a few minutes away from everyone else at home.

Try a deep breathing technique – for those days at work where you want to kill someone, head off to the toilets and practice this breathing technique: breathe in slowly for four seconds and then out slowly for four. Repeat for a few minutes and you’ll feel a little calmer and less likely to call your boss a massive d*ck in the middle of the office.

Yoga salute to the sun – the salute to the sun is a great yoga sequence if you’re limited on time, but just need to take a few moments to centre yourself and mentally chill out. It’s also easy to follow, even for yoga beginners (and you don't need to be bendy to do it!). This tutorial is a great one to follow.

Face mask pamper – sometimes taking a few minutes for yourself is all that you really need and a face mask is a great way to set aside a little time for yourself. If you’ve got longer than ten minutes, you could even try a mini facial at home – exfoliate, mask, moisturise and massage and I bet after a little of that, you’ll feel much less stressed!

Make a mug cake – sugar isn’t always the answer to a stressful moment, but there are times when all you really want is something delicious and comforting without the long hassle of baking. Mug cakes are the perfect answer as they can be made in a matter of minutes and only need a mug and a microwave to ‘bake’ it in. Try one of these recipes. Chocolate for the win!

Phone a friend – despite being constantly attached to our phones, a lot of us seem to avoid actually phoning someone, preferring to rely on social media and What’s App instead. If you’re having a bad day, give a friend a call. Whether it’s to have a rant for a few minutes or just have a general chat, actually talking, rather than typing will make such a difference.

Step away from your mobile phone – we’re often attached to our phones almost 24/7 but turning it off for a bit or even just hiding it in a different room so you don’t constantly hear/see notifications and emails add day will really help give you a mental break from digital overload.

Keep an essential oil balm in your bag – the right blend of essential oils can be so helpful when you need to just take a moment during a stressful day. I love these Scentered stick balms* as they’re easy to keep in your handbag, and a quick application and inhale really works when you’re feeling a bit frazzled.

What are your top ways to de-stress quickly?

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