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The obsession is real. I can’t get enough of pineapple shaped home things. It all started about 5 or 6 years ago with a vintage tiki trinket dish that was lined with mother of pearl and shaped like a pineapple. Since then, I’ve been steadily adding to my collection and thanks to the fact that everyone now seems to love a pineapple, it’s been made a lot easier!

PIneapple shaped homewares candles and jars
PIneapple shaped homewares candles and jars
PIneapple shaped homewares
 I discovered this giant rose gold pineapple money box in a little independent shop near my house (although I’m reliably informed Amazon also have something similar) and pretty much ran in and claimed it from the window. I doubt I will ever save enough coins to fill it as it’s larger than a real pineapple, but let’s face it, I didn’t buy it for practical savings reasons. Ahem.

On a recent trip to Paperchase I found a small, white ceramic trinket tray that you might’ve seen popping up in lots of blog photos. Well it got even better when I went back (I’m an addict, what can I say…) the other day and saw they had a matching big brother for it, so obviously that had to come home with me.

This spangly Christmas tree bauble comes courtesy of house of Fraser and their recent Christmas in July press day. I pretty much screamed ‘oh my god you have pineapple tree decorations’ at the top of my voice (sorry to Anna, who was showing me around and is probably deaf now) and to my excitement there was one in my goody bag as I left. YAY! It’s too early for this bad boy to go anywhere near a Christmas tree, so until then, it’s helping to decorate my dressing table. I'm tempted to just buy loads near Christmas and go all out pineapple on the tree. Not sure how the boyfriend would feel about that...

I found this orange glass pineapple in Joy one week while browsing on my lunch break and it’s been pride of place on my bedside table ever since. It's big enough to fit hair grips and ties in, so I use it to keep a stash in ready for when I do my hair in the mornings.

Last, but not least are a couple of H&M home pineapple candles that I have intention of ever burning. Well, maybe one of them. These were a nightmare to track down as everyone seems to have bought them all, so I figured buying a backup was a safe bet. Plus at £4.99 each, they’re a bit of a bargain.

The hunt for more pineapple things continues. Let me know if you’ve spotted any good ones!

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