Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd August box

This month’s Melt Crowd box* from Flamingo Candles pretty much hits you in the face with the smell of Circus Doughnuts the second you open it. Yes, you heard me right, somehow the evil geniuses in their candle creator laboratory have managed to replicate the hot, sweet smell of dirty fairground doughnuts in a wax tart. Oh. My. God. 

Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd August box contents and review
With that spoiler out of the way, I have to say I’m loving the rest of the contents of this box! There are the usual 8 scent melts, but because it’s my third box, they’ve also included a special little gift in the form of some scent eggs. These look like mini scent melts, and can be used alone or combined with another scent to create your own bespoke smell. 

As always, there’s a good mix of fresh and fruity scents included in the box, although the Circus Doughnuts one is by far the most potent. I also have a feeling it will be a bit of a Marmite fragrance, but if you happen to love it, the good news is it’s not a box exclusive and will be launching onto their website very soon. Phew!  

There are two Melt Crowd exclusives inside this box – Dahlia and Fresh Cotton – and I’m hoping Fresh Cotton makes it into the permanent line up at Flamingo Candles as this is such a lovely soft, light scent. 

Ginger & Lime is warm and zesty with a little hint of spice and Green Apples reminds me a little of my favourite Fruitella sweets – juicy and delicious! 

Pomegranate Cider, Strawberries & Champagne and Kir Royale all take the best bits of their alcoholic drink counterparts, but without the boozy overtone, so your house will smell lovely and fruity. 

Each scent melt should last for up to 20 hours, so you get an impressive 160 hours burn time per box for just £10. 

If you’ve not tried Flamingo Candles before, I’d highly recommend giving this subscription box a try. It’s a fantastic way to test out lots of different home fragrance scents and with a really reasonable price. 

You can sign up to the Melt Crowd over on the Flamingo Candles website, with the next box shipping out on 1st September. 

Are you a member of the Melt Crowd? Do you like the look of this monthly subscription box?

*PR sample 


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