Skincare: 5 lesser know brands you really need to try

Sometimes it's easy to focus on the products from brands that we all know and love but there are some absolute gems out there that don't always get the exposure they deserve. I've picked put five skincare brands I think you really need to try - they might require a little more effort to track down, but trust me it will be worth it!

5 lesser know skincare brands you need to try
S5 skincare - for skincare that blends some seriously good scientific results with a strong natural ethos, S5 are a must have in my books. They were founded by team who originally worked on the Nude skincare range before moving on to create S5. Their serums give fantastic results and are each targeted at different skin concerns rather than skin types which makes it easy to mix and match. If you suffer from redness or sensitivity, make sure you try the Calm range - it soothes stressed skin and adds moisture without overloading it. The Nourish Cleanser is also fantastic for anyone with dry skin as it helps to protect the natural skin barrier and won't strip moisture away. Find them in Selfridges and from various online stockists. 

B. – I feel like B.’s skincare never gets nearly enough coverage, especially given the affordable price tag and decent results. The micellar water is an absolute must-have in my book – it gently removes makeup without drying out the skin and is suitable for pretty much every skin type going. The brand is a Superdrug exclusive and also makes fantastic makeup (give the lipsticks and cream shadows a try). With prices from just £4.99, it’s a purse friendly option that also doesn’t use loads of crappy ingredients. It’s also often on offer, so look out for special deals and stock up. I certainly do when the micellar water is reduced to £2.50!

Antonia Burrell – created by the infamous facialist, this range of skincare is small but perfectly formed. It’s naturally based and features organic ingredients that really get to work on your skin concerns. I adore the Crème Supreme Moisturiser, which is fantastic for oilier or combination skins and the Pure Therapy Facial Oil, which balances and calms skin, while gently hydrating.

Skyn Iceland – as the name suggest, Skyn Iceland are inspired by the natural resources of Iceland and use its rich mineral waters, berries, mosses and algaes to create products that nourish and reduce the impact that daily stresses can have on our skin. Try their Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels to work on dark cicles, puffiness and fine lines around the eyes or their Antidote Daily Cooling Lotion which works wonders on redness, irritated or acne-prone skin. Find them in M&S beauty halls and online stockists.

One Love Organics – I was introduced to these guys last summer and have been a massive fan ever since. Their products are hand made and focus on good quality, organic skincare. Give the Brand New Day exfoliating powder a try – this transforms into a gentle exfoliating paste when mixed with a little water and will leave you with fresh-looking skin in under a minute. It also smells like pineapples due to the enzymes they use in the formula. Yum. The Skin Saviour Waterless Beauty Balm is also fantastic as it can be used as both a cleansing balm or a rich mask to add moisture to drier skins.

Have you tried any of these brands before? What are your favourite lesser known skincare brands? 

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