Introducing: Prismologie

Next time you're browsing the shelves of Space NK, make sure you have a look at the new bath and body brand on the block: Prismologie.

Prismologie* is a luxury bath and body brand that have literally just launched in the UK. It's all based around the idea of colour therapy, and how we can use colour to complement our daily lives to uplift, enhance and inspire.

The products all focus on colour and link to how you want to feel at that particular moment. For example, the Green Epoch collection is designed to create serenity, equilibruim and a balanced mind, with notes of vetiver, whereas The Red Hour is aimed more at giving a boost of go-getting energy and uses scent of cedarwood to do so. Each colour range has also been infused with a specific crystal which is said to have complementary properties to both the colour and the scent of the products. There are six different colours in total, which can carry you through from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. 

I love the concept behind this brand - very often you're confronted by products that seem to slot you into one particular range - enlivening for example - whereas Prismologie recognises thst we all want to feel different ways throughout the day and throughout the seasons, so you can pick and mix the products best suited to you at any point. They've also steered clear of creating the same products for each colour range - each colour has a unique set of products that blends well with the feelings they're trying to invoke.

My current favourites from the range are the White Hour Rich Body Cream and the Indigo Interlude Foot Cream. I love to use the White Hour body cream in the evenings after a shower as it's super hydrating and the fresh scent is absolutely divine. I was a bit wary of the Indigo Interlude Foot Cream initially as I'm not the world's biggest fan of touching my feet, but it really is fab at preparing them ready for summer sandals and the oud scent makes the whole process feel incredibly pampering. 

I think they've done a great job at creating a luxury range that really delivers both in terms of performance and look and feel.

The products range from £30 to £55 so are at the higher end of the spectrum but they would make a fab pamper gift to yourself or a special someone. The products are all pretty unisex too which is great, although that does mean I'll have to hide mine from my boyfriend to stop him slathering on my White Hour body cream!

You can find Prismologie exclusively in Space NK stores and via their website.

Do you like the sound of this new range?

*PR sample

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