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Cleansing is one of the most important parts of a good skincare regime – not only does it remove your daily make up and grime from the skin but it helps prepare it to receive all those lovely serums and moisturisers we like to slap on afterwards.

I’ve picked out three of my current favourite cleansers that I think will work for almost any type of skin and any length of routine. So whatever your cleansing habits, there’s no excuse for not doing it! (and throw out those face wipes while you’re at it!)

RMK cleansing balm* – cleansing balms are my favourite way to cleanse at night. I normally take the majority of my makeup off with a swipe of micellar water and a cotton pad and then get in there with a cleansing balm for a seriously good clean. RMK’s balm is lovely and soft in texture and almost melts into the skin as you use it. It’s really great if you wanted to avoid anything too heavily scented – it uses Damascus Rose Oil so has a light rose scent and hydrates skin while it works. A little bit goes a long way, so take a small amount and massage into dry skin. Then add a little water to ‘emulsify’ the product – this turns it into a milk-type texture which can then be rinsed away or removed with a warm, wet flannel. £29 100ml

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser – this gel texture cleanser has been a staple in my bathroom for a few years now. It’s super mild, but incredibly effective, making it suitable for even really sensitive skins. It’s easy to use both morning and night and is really refreshing in the summer when a heavier, oil-based cleanser might overload the skin. Apply a little to dry skin, massage in and remove with a warm flannel. You could also wipe away with a cotton pad if you’re in a rush, but this won’t be quite as effective! £27.20

Institut Esthederm Deep Pore Cleanser* – I normally avoid ‘deep cleansers’ like the plague as they have a habit of stripping skin of all signs of moisture, but this one from Institut Esthederm manages to give a fantastically good cleanse and leave you with soft, supple skin at the same time. The brand believes that skin is an ecosystem and works with it in order to get the best results over time. To use the Deep Pore Cleanser, apply a little in dabs across dry skin and massage in until you feel the product change in texture (it will go thick and stop being easy to massage) then rinse well. What I love about this is that depending on your skin type, they suggest a different level of useage – around 1-2 times per month for sensitive skins, once a week for normal skin and up to 2 times a week for oily or blemish prone skins. £26.50

Have you tried any of these cleansers before? What’s your favourite?

*PR samples

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