Lifestyle: 7 delicious foody places to visit in central London

Now I know I’m normally all about the beauty on this blog but for those of you who know me (or just follow me on Pinterest), I really, really like food. London has so many amazing food places dotted around the capital so I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some of my favourites (all around the central W1 area). Whether you’re a veggie, staunch meat eater or just a massive cake lover, I’m hoping you’ll like something from the list below. It was originally meant to be a ‘top 5’ but two more snuck in. Ahem.
7 delicious foody place to visit in london
Ethos – this all vegetarian buffet style restaurant is one of my favourite places to go for lunch. You help yourself to a massive array of hot and cold dishes and pay at the counter by weight. It’s great if you like to have a bit of everything on your plate, as you can try lots of different things all at once. There’s a good mix of veggie and vegan dishes and I promise, that even meat lovers like myself won’t feel like they’re missing out!

Bobo Social – tucked away at the quieter end of Charlotte Street, Bobo Social is a relatively new place that serves a mix of burgers and small plates of tapas style dishes. The sweet potato fries are possibly the best I’ve ever had and look out for the monthly burger specials which change regularly. This month featured the Marmite burger, which combined rare breed beef, aged cheddar and Marmite and was insanely delicious.

Pizza Pilgrims – a good pizza isn’t hard to find in London but trust me when I say that these are really exceptional. They have a lovely thick outer crust with nice thin dough towards the middle and the truffled mushroom pizza is basically a mouth orgasm waiting to happen. Try their new Carnaby branch or head to the original one on Dean Street in Soho.

Charlotte Street Hotel afternoon tea – as somewhat of a cake obsessive, I’ve tried a lot of afternoon teas in London and can honestly say the Charlotte Street Hotel is one of the best for quality of food and general ambience. They have 2 different types of tea – a more traditional offering and a ‘Bloomsbury tea’ which is features some more adventurous sandwich choices and ‘posher’ looking cakes and is completely divine. Save room for the scones – these babies are crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. Pile them high with cream and jam and enjoy! They’re also great if you’re attending on a special occasion – I took my mum as a 60th birthday treat and although we vaguely mentioned it was a birthday when we sat down I hadn’t asked for any special treatment. Despite that, they brought her out a little birthday cupcake with a ‘Happy Birthday’ message on which was a lovely touch.

Meat Liquor – I couldn’t resist including another burger place on this list as Meal Liquor really is about as far removed from Bobo Social as you can get! Don’t be put off by the dim lighting (you’ll need a flash to Instagram your burger!) and slaughterhouse inspired graffiti, their burgers can only be described as messy, but drool-worthy. There are no napkins here – just rolls of kitchen roll to mop up any burger related messes. Make sure you grab sides of onion rings and deep fried pickles. Oh. My. God. The cocktails are also fab.

Lantana – this is a tiny little café tucked away down a side street in Fitzrovia, but it’s well worth discovering for its delicious, fresh food that all has an Aussie influence. My top picks from the menu has to be the corn fritters with bacon, avocado and spinach, which is THE best brunch and also their maple French toast. *drools a little*

Wild Game Co. – for venison that makes your mouth water, make sure you head to the Wild Game Co. They do a mix of burgers and the most delicious venison steak frites, all of which you can feel guilt-free about as venison is actually lower in fat than a skinless chicken breast. Bonus. If you have veggie friends, you might have to leave them behind as this is a meat lover's paradise, but don’t feel too bad about it. These guys are currently only open at lunch times, but are moving to a new location in a few weeks and will be back open for lunch and dinner very soon.

Have you tried any of these places before? What’s your favourite place to eat in London?

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