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If you’ve not come across Fresh! Before, then don’t panic – they’re not all that well known in the UK but I really think that needs to change! The brain child of Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh originally hail from the USA and focus on making quality products that combine natural ingredients and modern technology.

Fresh skincare products
Fresh Marylebone perfume bar
The new fragrance bar at their London store
You may have heard of their cult Lip Sugar tinted balms, which up until recently were really the only thing I’d tried from the brand. That all changed after a trip to their revamped Marylebone store in London where I discovered there was so much more to Fresh than I originally imagined – and set out in such a beautiful way that you might not want to ever leave the shop.

One of the highlights of the new store for me was their perfume bar, which features all of the different scents that Fresh produce. They’ve got something for every kind of preference – whether you’re drawn to fruity, floral, spicy or a mix of all three, I think you’ll easily find at least one you like from the dozens on offer. I fell head over heels for their Sugar Lychee EDP* which is a fruity scent with just a touch of floral and is going to be my scent of the summer. I’ve had to start rationing myself until I can get back down to the shop – I have a feeling I’ll be buying a 100ml size next time around to keep me fully stocked up!

For skincare lovers there are ranges which are aimed at different ages but also for different skin concerns. The Rose range is an absolute must if you have dry or dehydrated skin – I’ve been using the Rose Face Mask* over the past couple of weeks and have been so impressed. It hydrates the skin without overloading it and leaves it feeling soft, supple and plumped up. It also contains natural pieces of rose, so do prepare for a bit of a bumpy finish when you apply it, although I think it’s quite nice to actually see evidence of some of the ingredients they use within the products!

If you haven’t tried them before, then you need to add at least one Lip Sugar to your wishlist. These are super hydrating balms that come with a hint of colour to them – there are several different shades to choose from, and although they might seem a little pricey at the £15 mark, they really do make a lovely treat to yourself. Or someone else if you’re feeling generous.

While Fresh don’t have a UK website at the moment (although I have it on good authority they are working on it for later this year), if you contact the shop they will happily mail out products to you and give you advice on which ones might be best suited to your skin type. If you’re London-based or paying a visit any time soon then I’d highly recommend going down to the shop – it really is a beauty lover’s paradise in there. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you come out with a bag full of products and a somewhat lighter bank account…

Have you tried anything from Fresh before?

*PR samples

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